Top 9 Uncharted 3 Game Fails

GR - "Uncharted 3 offers a multitude of emergent experiences in multiplayer, thanks to its physics engine and unscripted gameplay."

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MasterCornholio3139d ago

Lol that was funny as heck. Next stop Skyrim.


ironfist923139d ago

What does Skyrim have to do with this?

Laxman3139d ago

He was refering to the fact there are tons of humerous game fail videos from Skyrim and he is now going to watch them after watching these ones.

flappersack3139d ago

That was much better than I thought it would be.

Rockstar3139d ago

LOL #1 = my approximate skill with a sniper rifle as well

Oldman1003139d ago

The problem with number 9 is that it can be replicated every time. Makes me wonder why it was missed by QA.

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