EA Registers Fifteen Command & Conquer: Alliances Domains

TechNoid writes: "Earlier this week, Electronic Arts registered a bunch of domains for a new Command & Conquer game, called Alliances."

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jeremyKX3138d ago

Let's hope for the best. They need to make it like CnC3. 4 was terrible

fl1pp133138d ago

I'd prefer a new Generals game

JsonHenry3138d ago

With a name like "Alliance" it sounds like a "Generals" type of game to me. Which is a good thing. I loved Gen/Zero Hour.

gamingdroid3138d ago

I haven't played a good C&C in ages... mostly since Westwood Studios was purchased by EA. Thank God there is still StarCraft for my RTS fix.

Let's hope this series will be properly revived.

enfestid3138d ago

You're aware that every Command & Conquer game except for the original and Red Alert (and their expansions) was released after Westwood was purchased by EA, correct?

gamingdroid3138d ago

The last C&C I bothered to buy was C&C Tiberium Sun, which admittedly released after EA acquired Westwood.

Some people swore by RA2, but it wasn't worth a purchase from me.

STK0263138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I wonder if this game will come close to being as good as RA2. To me, the CnC franchise has been going downhill after RA2:YR; with 4 being a joke.

And, @fl1pp13, I'd much rather have a traditional CnC game like, well, CnC or Red Alert than another Generals game. In many ways, Generals played more like StarCraft set in a modern wolrd, rather than a CnC game.

Staude3138d ago

The last c&c created by Westwood, the guys credited with creating the rts genre, was red alert 2.

Im not sure what to expect from this game.

JsonHenry3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

^^ If you think Generals played ANYTHING like Starcraft (other than resource gathering to a limited degree) then you are CRAZY. (or never gave Generals a real shot)

Generals was all about doing a lot with a little. It had more strategic depth than any other CnC. If anything RA2 is more like SC2 than because of the spam+attack tactics.

STK0263138d ago

Gone was the sidebar, replaced by a bottom one which looked and worked like the ones found in most RTS (including SC and Wc).

Buildings can be built anywhere, not in an "influence zone" around some specific buildings.

Buildings are built by workers, and are made on the battlefield, allowing them to be destroyed in the process.

Units are being queued in buildings, allowing you to create 10 units at the same time if you have 10 buildings.

Of the maybe 250+ games I've played of Genrals and Zero Hour online, at least 200 had both sides massing troops and sending them; which, thanks to the game's pathfinding issues (something that has plagued CnC since day one), usually resulted with the side with the most units winning. This unit often enough being the overpowered and never really fixed GLA quad-canon. I would also had that Generals gave you plenty of ressources, not unit cap and fast unit/building production. I sincerely don't know what you mean by giving you little.

And, if I remember correctly, even the mouse buttons were changed to fit the control scheme found in most RTS.

Anyway, just my opinion.

C_Menz3138d ago

I doubt I will pick this up. End of Nations is releasing soon(hopefully Q1 of 2012) and is made by the real C&C devs. It is a MMORTS and is shaping up to be an awesome game.

gamingdroid3138d ago

Never heard of it, but it looks interesting.

This video looks pretty sick:

Shubhankar3138d ago

I think this is BioWare's new game. The teaser looked a lot like Command and Conquer.

DaveMan3138d ago

But they said in the teaser it was a new bioware franchise?

bumnut3138d ago

Hope its better than C&C4, been playing this series since Dune 2 (I know its not C&C but thats how it started)