Are Skyrim glitches ruining your fun?

The studio might be the best in the business at crafting expansive, evocative worlds and building deep, satisfying RPG experiences, but when it comes to gluing it all together its proved itself less than capable on more than a few occasions.

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NovusTerminus3133d ago

Nope. I am having fun with the glitches... Since they are everywhere. Some good.... Some bad... Some just plain straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange.

I enjoy glitches, so long as they are not crashing my game.

PCRockStar3133d ago

Yeah it is definitely hampering the fun. Not being able to progress in the story due to a main quest killing glitch is terrible!

Solidus187-SCMilk3132d ago

Im having alot of fun and only had a few small glitches. Once I had to reload a save because a dragon was frozen in the sky, but other than that Ive loved the game so far.

I just started my second game where I will do alot of side quests and join the rebellion. I want revenge on the imperials for almost chopping my head off for no reason at the begining.

wsoutlaw873132d ago

the dragons being broken, missions not working, and frame rate problems are defiantly killing the fun

Baka-akaB3133d ago

i'm ok so far on the pc version .. mostly a few minor glitches on the least important (imo ) quests

Series_IIa3133d ago

Not encountered many on the PC, just had to delete my prefs since my mouse movement was broken after the last patch and a crash to desktop when I hit the bear with an arrow during the tutorial bit...

Fingers crossed.

ForROME3133d ago

When it comes to cross platform stick to Xbox and PC save yourself the trouble

Gohadouken3133d ago

Only with some devs that always spells troubles for the ps3 . Otherwise just learn to be informed instead of blindly buying stuff

DeathAvengers3132d ago

Bethesda is one of those devs, the support on their previes titles for Ps3 was horrible.

MysticStrummer3132d ago

The only glitches I've seen with my PS3 version are the save file/framerate thing that was temporarily fixable by saving/quitting/continuing and is now patched as far as I can tell, and some of my quests didn't disappear from my log when I was done with them. Hardly deal breaking problems, especially when all versions of Skyrim had numerous bugs at launch. Whether you are a troll or not, your comment makes you look like one.

Tai3133d ago

Either that's a mammoth floating 20 ft in air,or Dumbo forgot to shave this morning...

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The story is too old to be commented.