Ready Up >> The PlayStation Vita Preview

Ready Up's Duncan Aird got some hands-on time with the PlayStation Vita and comes away impressed with the initial game offering, highlighting three top titles to look out for.

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Cloudberry3143d ago

I also anticipated Gravity Rush so much.

PCRockStar3143d ago

I cancelled my pre-order.
I will wait for a few months after it is released to make my decision.

NEW-AGE3143d ago

Ohh Yeah Cause Sony has always let us Down with the PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP /s

PCRockStar3143d ago

A little over dramatic huh?
They let me down with the PS3!

SIX3143d ago

Heck yeah! Gravity Rush is tops on my list. So many good first impressions plus dem graphics o_O. I just got back from pre ordering the vita and I was with a buddy and he was like don't you have an iPhone? Why do you need this? I almost slapped him lol. Also picked up Mario cart 7. So awesome! Online play is so good! Great time to be a gamer.

FlareUK3143d ago

I wasn't sold on the Vita but this is sounding very good.

lumley6663143d ago

i was sold on the thing as soon as sony said playstation....... lol

danhese0073143d ago

Me too, i was sold on Vita then NGP way back in January when Kojima showed it running MGS4 at 20fps without optimization.

NEW-AGE3143d ago

Cool i Never Saw That, Thank You

foxus3143d ago

Really extensive coverage of the preview event.

RaptureLeaking3143d ago

Great read! Cannot wait. I must have a Vita!

GirlyGamer3143d ago

Nice review. I'm getting more excited!!

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The story is too old to be commented.