Treyarch staffing up for new Call of Duty

Treyarch is on the lookout for staff across multiple disciplines to work on what would appear to be a new game in the Call of Duty series.

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e-p-ayeaH3137d ago

Its just adding up more ppl to reskin the game basicly.

I wonder if the Infinity Ward guys are planing on new engine for the next Call of Duty.

velocitygamer3137d ago

Tbh, I am somewhat looking forward to this cod game, since Treyarch are developing it, and they always do put in new and interesting features like wager mode and custom emblems, unlike MW3 which was more or less MW 2.5

Sadly, Treyarch don't get the attention they deserve, instead, cod fanboys are always up Infinity Ward's asshole.

princejb1343137d ago

wow velocitygamer
so basically you saying treyarch is better than infinity ward
no way, they made the crappy world at war and the semi good black ops with bad graphics
at least infinity ward games are good and fun with decent graphics

Shackdaddy8363137d ago

It depends. They do something unique every time and their maps for multiplayer are always really good, but I really didn't like Blops for multiple reasons. I did like WaW though. It had kinda an artsie feel to it(the russian sniper level for the SP had a great feel to it).

I hope if they are making a second Blops then they put some kinda slight art style into it.

megacowdung3136d ago

MW3=MW2.5? no way, it was more like MW1.9

Iroquois_Pliskin3136d ago

Goddammit Tryarch/Inifinity Ward! Haven't you learned one bit from that epic Metacritic low score you got?

Animal Mutha 763136d ago


I totally agree mate. Treyarch did a grand job with black ops and I still play it now over MW3. The effort they put into the zombie maps was awsome and all of the other nice touches such as the hidden menu zombie game/walking around using terminal. I also like to dive to prone and having custom emblems.

I also like all of my stats to be in the game when I finish a round, not taken out and fluffed up in a seperate app and sold as 'Elite' which is a bit shit when it could easily be in the game engine.

I think the maps of MW3 aren't up to the same standard of design and detail as blops. I conceed that the spec ops and the delta and riot squads are cool though.

Survival is hoard by another name although its fun but not as good as horde 2. And why only 2 player!

MW3 feels like 3 teams put it together in a hurry. The campaign, MP and Elite all feel 'unrelated' If you know what I mean.

Just my view...

frostypants3136d ago

Infinity Ward as we knew it is DEAD, folks. As of now, Treyarch probably has more in-house experience with the series than IW, since they lost so much key talent.

To me, Black Ops felt far more like a complete CoD game than MW3. I think that trend will continue. Treyarch will keep improving, and IW will become the red-headed step child no one likes.

killcycle3136d ago

I like Treyarch better then Infinity Ward!
I like Infinity Ward better then Treyarch!

They both suck and make the same recycled shit every few months but ya'll already know this and you'll carry on buying their games!


Army_of_Darkness3136d ago

Stop complaining bitches, cause you all know that your gonna buy the next cod game like you did mw3. Sales don't increase on they're own.

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Tanir3137d ago

Whoa another map pack already? dang.

and Epayeah

infinity ward doesnt exist anymore, they broke off and its just the crappy people left from IW

fluffydelusions3137d ago

Aren't treyarch making a PSV COD as well?

JaredH3137d ago

Yeah at least there'll be new menus and interfaces unlike MW3...

FAGOL3137d ago

Yay new menus & interfaces that are broken.

Go on the PS3 version of Black Ops> Main Menu> Multiplayer Menu> Go back to Main Menu> Recalibrate every freakin setting again.

A billion patches later it still isn't fixed.

I'm not defending IW or saying they're better than Treyarch but at least their menu is quick and easy to navigate.

JaredH3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I have MW3 on 360 and every time you go in a playlist or to a new menu the game freezes for like two seconds. It wouldn't be annoying if it didn't do it for every menu. And by freeze I mean even if you're in the guide menu that freezes. If you're in a party and you're changing a class if a playlist is picked it freezes, kicks you out of the class menu and doesn't save what you did.

I had no problems like this in Black Ops. I liked how friends could join your party without having to invite them and you could actually look at their stats without having to go on the website for elite. The voice chat didn't cut out for every loading screen and menu change either.

MW3 also has the same emblems and titles from MW2 except new skins. They only have a few new weapons and the whole new kill streak system just makes it so there's constant air support out just like MW2. It truly is MW2.5 especially how everyone still uses shotguns, explosives or quick scoping. The one new thing they did was add a new burst gun that kills with two bullets to try to make it like COD4.

Honestly the new Treyarch game will probably be just Black Ops 1.5 and I think I'm just finally done with Call of Duty.

RioKing3136d ago

"I had no problems like this in Black Ops. I liked how friends could join your party without having to invite them and you could actually look at their stats without having to go on the website for elite. The voice chat didn't cut out for every loading screen and menu change either."

^This. Oh and another thing that I loved about Black Ops...the lack of team killers in every other game of Hardcore Search & Destroy :)

FAGOL3137d ago

I doubt they'll even attempt to create a new engine this gen.

Kahvipannu3136d ago

Yes, sounds believable. They will push new games out as fast they can, and at some point upgrade the engine for new gen.

And since people are buying, why not? I still think they are milking it, but money is what matters in the end, atleast for Activision.

NeloAnjelo3136d ago

The word "NEW" doesn't exist in the world of COD.

NobleRed3136d ago

You won't see a new engine for Call Of Duty until the next gen arrives.

shaun mcwayne3136d ago

i dont even think they will make a new engine for next gen, they will be so desperate to get more cash they will still use the same one, but make the game look photo realistic. When we see screen shots, it will be like wow. then we play it and it will feel the same.

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Wizziokid3137d ago

obviously. new COD every year remember

lorianguy3137d ago

You mean "new" cod every year ;)

SquidBuck3137d ago

First of all, their is not that much Cod can add to the multiplayer, but Treyarch is always good at making awesome campaigns. Black Ops 2 won't be that bad.

torchic3136d ago

disagrees? IW fanboys?

SKUD3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

IW doesn't exist. The name hasn't meant anything in years. Despite activision trolling the name.

torchic3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

exactly. the creme of IW ran off and opened Respawn Entertainment. as someone else said a few days ago, the people who stayed at IW are the greedy ones who used to make tea and coffee for the others who quit IW.

yet people still ride IW's deck hard. Treyarch is the main dev now, in my eyes at least.

irepbtown3136d ago

Infinity Ward does exist, but Sledgehammer was brought in because IW had lost quite alot of workers and needed some gaps filled.

So MW3 was done by both IW and SledgeHammer.

frostypants3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

irepbtown, try "what's LEFT of Infinity Ward". Those gaps filled by Sledgehammer were major gaps, and they were not filled well.

It's clear that very little actual coding was done for MW3. It's a lot of re-skinning and re-using of MW2 assets. Even the "new" killstreaks are just re-hashes where they swapped out one asset for another, but the behavior is the same.

If people like MW3, that's great, but the missing Infinity Ward talent is PAINFULLY apparent in the final product. It is very obvious that the people that mattered most at Infinity Ward were not around for this game.

I will point out the most damning point in all of this that I've seen tossed around in other threads like this one: the Vietnam EXPANSION for BFBC2 provided more differentiated content than MW3 provides over MW2. The former offered entirely new weapons, entirely new objects/vehicles, entirely new sounds, and the new maps were amazing. It was like a whole new game, and with a few additional maps easily could have been.

I and many others feel more than a little ripped off by the full-game price tag of MW3. It's a perfect example of not getting what you paid for.

JeffGUNZ3136d ago

@ frostypants.

What aspects of MW3 are so apparent that the "good" IW workers obviously didn't work on this title? I think MW3 is leagues better than MW2. The killstreaks are more balanced, the perks are more balanced, the game is just more balanced then MW2. I fail to see what is so noticeably groudbreaking that makes this game flawed? I am sure respawn will make a great game, but MW3's MP is much more balanced then MW2 (where the entire staff was involved), in my honest opinion.

frostypants3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

The map design in MW3 is uninspired and horrid, for starters. As are the spawn points. It's as if the people that understood how to do those things correctly were missing from the development process.

Further, the insane amount of asset-recycling since MW2. Instead of bringing in new people to work on that, they just took MW2's and re-used everything.

There is no real "selling point" for MW3 that you can point at and say "this is the defining feature that it adds to the series". It has no identity of its own. That could have at least bothered to add in some of the cool aspects of BlOps, like the customization options, but they didn't even bother to do THAT. If it wasn't in MW2 in some form, it wasn't gonna be in the MW3 re-tread.

Can you deny that the differences between MW2 and MW3 are much less than those between MW1 and MW2? MW3 just feels like they took everything from MW2, threw it in a box, shook it, and laid it out in a different order.

It's as if Infinity Ward became the Taco Bell of developers: MW3 is the Burrito Supreme to MW2's Soft Taco Supreme. THEY TASTE THE SAME! :-)

Now, if MW3's maps were decent, it might be a slightly better game if only for the removal of Commando Pro, but other than that I'm not sure how you can think it's more balanced. Unless you mean that the maps and spawns are so random that everybody is equally screwed...

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Gamer-Z3136d ago

"facepalm" @MoCowbell

people never learn Lol


There are IW fanboys now!? Aren't all you COD fanboys in the same lot?

torchic3136d ago

I've been called many things before, but CoD fanboy? never. well done sir.

ATi_Elite3136d ago

Now it's Treyarch fanboys vs. Infinity Ward fanboys!

Call of Duty...Oh gosh! When will it never stop?

*Sean P-Diddy Combs pops outta now where "Can't Stop Won't Stop"*


BuffMordecai3136d ago

Black Op's campaign kicked MW3's in the ball sack.

boommuffin3136d ago

Its funny that dolphin diving was the biggest change to the gameplay since CoD4 XD

arnyftw3137d ago

They need more people to help copy-paste.