If There Were A Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Sosdante's thoughts on the possibilty of FFVII remake

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majiebeast3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

It should be ps3 exclusive cause 360 been holding gaming back since the beginning of this gen.

Tanir3145d ago

dont worry majie people are morons and dont know that sony published ff7, sooo its sorta ps3 no matter what

Lord_Sloth3145d ago

There are ways around that. See Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

It also depends on the wording of the contract. It's possible that a remake not be restrained by the contract itself.

Godmars2903145d ago

Its not like Square has shown any real want to make a PS3 only game. They've only been interested in sales rather than quality.

ElementX3145d ago

Too many opinions of FFVII. I wish people would think of something else to say.

zerocrossing3145d ago

It'd be nice if they'd finish making Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

HellzAssassin3145d ago

Agreed... As long as the game comes out incrdible; I don't mind waiting. I just hope it comes out in the near future. From what I've seen, the game looks quite promising.

Whitefox7893145d ago

Another agree, besides Final Fantasy Versus XIII is made by majority of the people who worked on FF VII / Advent Children with the big exception of course being Nobou Uematsu. So it should have somewhat of a pretty familiar feel.

lumley6663145d ago

im sick of reading this..... it would be my greatest moment in gaming if it were to gt a remake, just stop talking about it until/if square give it the green light

HellzAssassin3145d ago

When I read the title, I was seriously like *facepalm* another FFVII Remake topic; but yet I still came here.

Eamon3145d ago

Well, we can all dream right?

richierich3145d ago

Square really shot themselves in the foot by releasing a FF7 tech demo in 2005 they only have themselves to blame

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The story is too old to be commented.