Top 10 Iconic Video Game Heroes

They have saved princesses, bananas and the world! Join WatchMojo as we countdown the most iconic video game heroes of all time.

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bobrea3142d ago

Wow, I've never seen an article like this before! These top 10 things are a great idea, you're a true pioneer. I really bet these catch on in popularity.

crxss3142d ago

@bobrea lol

this top 10 is pretty bad, someone back in 2001 could have made the exact same list. have videogames really peaked since 2001 to this guy? pretty sure there are more iconic characters today other than Lara Croft, Donkey Kong, Sonic, and Megaman. like Commander Shepard, Nathan Drake, Kratos, Ezio/Altair, and maybe even Marcus Fenix?

JoMO3142d ago

I'm in a box... Nice job Snake!