Why King of Fighters Makes Me Hate Myself

The Border House: "Hey! There’s a new King of Fighters game out! While it has been available in arcades for quite some time, it’s now available for play on consoles and I’m almost certain to buy it! And this makes me pretty annoyed at myself."

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Deadpool6163133d ago

ATTENTION: The article you're about to read is full of whining and complaining. I'd advise anyone who wants to save precious minutes of their life not to read this.

Simply's a lame article and worthy of many facepalms. -_-

DatNJDom813133d ago

Thanks for the heads up!

kagon013133d ago

Yup, he is quite closed minded...

dedicatedtogamers3133d ago

This article is hilarious. The author doesn't even get his fact-checking correct: the Brazil level isn't populated by "racist depictions of natives" but rather by semi-human creatures with very prominent monkey tails.

Some people just like to bawwwwww. KoF 13 is a sick fighting game, btw.

Grimhammer003133d ago

But it fails hard due to online being unstable and no spectating!

How hard is it to copy blazblue? GGPO is freeware as I understand it. (the netcode that allows for online play)