A 2012 PlayStation 4 Launch Would Be A Disaster "Like it or not, up until now no one has really cared about what the 'future of gaming' would really mean. Developers believed that it would be amazing graphics, realistic gameplay, detailed and believable plots or worlds of fantasy with fine details previously unattainable, interactive in every imaginable way. Publishers pictured gamers flooding to stores to purchase these rare gems, but had no idea exactly how these sales were going to be governed. What type of person is a gamer? How much money do they have? How much are they willing to spend? These were the questions that Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony were forced to find answers for before they even fully grasped what the implications were. Unfortunately Sony backed the wrong horse."

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guitar_nerd_233489d ago

I like that concept PS4 picture modern and 80's all at the same time.

I'll be ready for next gen by next xmas I think.

MostJadedGamer3488d ago

This is how it is going to be.

2012- Wiiu
2013- 360
2014- PS4

ravinash3488d ago

I'd put my money on:
2012- Wii U
2013- 360II
2013- PS4.

I don't think Sony would want MS to have the same head start they got this gen.

Pacman3213488d ago

Sony have already said they are going to release the PS4 right around the time the 360 does.

Thatguy-3103488d ago

Bring it on !!! I'm always up for new hardware no matter how fast it comes out..look at the iPhone !! People go crazy for every iteration apple comes out with. I for one can't wait to see what next GEN games will be capable's crazy how Gaming has changed in 20 yrs.

megaworm253489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

i personally think it's time for a new console gen based on what i have seen on the pc

for me personally i will wait one or two years after launch till i adopt the next gen consoles simply for the fact of the price here in australia

megacowdung3488d ago

but then you don't get to brag about having it to your friends :(

Kaos_Vll3488d ago

u buy consoles to brag to ur friends? no wonder this gen of gamers is ruining gaming

BattleAxe3488d ago

The price of everything is higher in Australia, including Happy Meals at McDonalds, but Australians usually make higher wages on average over Americans, so it balances itself out.

I'm not going to buy the PS4 right away. I'll wait until a year or two after release, or until my 60 GB Phat PS3 and my 120 GB Slim PS3 burn themselves out. I also want to see how the games we have all bought on the PSN transfer over to the PS4, and if for some reason they don't transfer over, then once my Playstation days are over, and I'll become strictly a PC gamer where Steam is my home for gaming.

fozzness3489d ago

I definitely agree. I personally think upgrading already would just be highly premature. :(

Frenza3488d ago

Why would it be "highly premature"? The Xbox 360 6 years old and the ps3 is 5 years old. You are lucky if a 6 year old PC can keep up with games. Personally I would welcome new consoles and see what they will bring to the "table".

kikizoo3488d ago

Do'nt compare a 6 years pc with consoles, they (and ps3 more) more powerfull at launch than most of the existing pc, and most of all optimised for games, the result is even after 6 years, most of the pc games are on the same league or worst, even with best hardware (only few optimised games give a real edge to pc, like battlefield, but most of them are not)

fozzness3482d ago

I just don't see the point.. there's nothing new they can really do... the PlayStation 3 hasn't been used to it's full capacity yet.. and BluRay is still the new thing on the market. why move on now?

DigitalAnalog3488d ago

So it may be plausible, but then again, there's just too much agression on the 2012 titles that it would be counter-productive to release a new console at this time. What about the new dev kits and costs to cover to make said "next-gen" games? Chances are it would be too costly.

milohighclub3488d ago

I would buy today if released

Persistantthug3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

If you're not, then it would probably be foolish.

Most Expensive price point.....few games, fewest features, most prone to defects and problems.....

You'd almost literally be a PAYING guinea pig.

2 years after launch is when it's typically good to buy...generally speaking.

theDECAY3488d ago


I have my launch 60gb PS3 and it runs like a champ. I did upgrade the HDD though. I don't think the same can be said about most launch Xbox 360's however.

andibandit3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )


there are lots of YLOD cases and even more RROD cases.
so yeah "Really", you'd still be a PAYING guinea pig, despite whatever you have had sitting in your basement since launch.

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