Most Lethal Combo In Skyrim: Invisibility & Backstab For Thief — What’s Yours?

Pinoytutorial: Here's a gameplay showing one of the most lethal combo a thief can ever pull by leveraging its sneak skill along with Invisibility for a perfect kill against a prey.

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Jio3135d ago

When I use enchanted deadric armor and enchanted apparel, I'm an unstoppable mage.

ArabianKnight013134d ago

Im with you Jio, I have Deadric armor w/ double enchant perks that give me destruction magicka that cost zero mana, and resistances to elements. I too have become an unstoppable mage . (although it has become far too easy) Although sneaking around in the shadows and slaying everyone for 30x dmg seems loads of fun too. Skyrim is an amazing game, just wish on master it was more difficult to level up.

Reborn3134d ago

That always reminded me of Batman, haha. (the detect part)

Yeah, sneaking around caves etc, is always fun to do.

spicelicka3134d ago

okayyy now i gotta become an invsible thief

thePatriot3134d ago

going through dungeons like this is fun. but how easy is to take down a dragon as an invisible thief with a dagger. I just dual firebolt and shoot arrows from distance. It works against everything really.

Tuxedo_Mask3134d ago

That was funny, I never even thought about pickpocketing the briar heart before.

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