Skyrim Apocalypse: Most Epic Dragon Fight Thanks To PC's Command Console (Cheat)

Pinoytutorial: Thanks to that summoning cheat on PC, a player managed to create one of the most epic dragon fight simulation for Skyrim. Learn how to do it on this report.

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vikingland13134d ago

That is just crazy good I say.

Iroquois_Pliskin3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Dammmn maker of this video! Why didnt you use Storm Call shout with the lightning/thunder mod!?

Grip3134d ago

that's what we wanted when we fight alduin but it was so cold the fight, and it's not even hard.

MrIreland3134d ago

Now I wish I had a pc just to experience this for myself.
One word


kevnb3134d ago

its a good time to build one, parts are cheap and there are tons of games to catch up on.

qwertyz3134d ago

Pc is FAR superior to consoles and over a generation ahead in horsepower. PC FTW!!!!