Dark and Light MMO Launches

For all those who might not be aware, Dark and Light, the largest MMO yet to be launched is now ready to play. Over 4 years in development DNL is a single server play fantasy MMO (everyone online plays in one server and every account is on one server.. like EVE Online) with the largest playable land area available right now. While it is not free there is a method by which you can play the game after purchase by purchasing credits that unloack new land areas as you go without a monthly charge. Touting a Social XP systems, Crafting and Fighting experiance advancement methods DNL is less World of Warcraft and more Asherons Call, Everquest 1, with large open PVP areas, death drops and landmass warfare with siege equipment Dark and Light is not a carebear community. Take a look in the features area on the website link.

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Anac6200d ago

This game looks like the "largest" rip off MMO ever to be launched.

I've never heard of this, the graphics are OKAY.

The fact that you don't even get a free trial or to try it out is the worst part.

Anyone want to let me play for a day or two on their account?

Lucidmantra6200d ago (Edited 6200d ago )

You obviously have no clue how MMOs work and if you would have went to the website and seen, they don't very often allow fre-trials for the first 2 months a game comes out for an MMO unless it is doing crappy. Second of all this game is gigantic, larger than anything you have played before it has over 7000 cities and towns on the landmass, you can build your own structures, engage in siege battles for castles and towns, and they can support over 20,000 people online at one time. Yeah its a ripoff. Which MMO do you play with such OUTSTANDING graphics again?

PS I didn't post those 3 pics and they are by far not the best screenies of what this game can do, and an MMO rarely has cutting edge graphics.