Dark and Light MMO Launches

For all those who might not be aware, Dark and Light, the largest MMO yet to be launched is now ready to play. Over 4 years in development DNL is a single server play fantasy MMO (everyone online plays in one server and every account is on one server.. like EVE Online) with the largest playable land area available right now. While it is not free there is a method by which you can play the game after purchase by purchasing credits that unloack new land areas as you go without a monthly charge. Touting a Social XP systems, Crafting and Fighting experiance advancement methods DNL is less World of Warcraft and more Asherons Call, Everquest 1, with large open PVP areas, death drops and landmass warfare with siege equipment Dark and Light is not a carebear community. Take a look in the features area on the website link.

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Anac6520d ago

This game looks like the "largest" rip off MMO ever to be launched.

I've never heard of this, the graphics are OKAY.

The fact that you don't even get a free trial or to try it out is the worst part.

Anyone want to let me play for a day or two on their account?

Lucidmantra6520d ago (Edited 6520d ago )

You obviously have no clue how MMOs work and if you would have went to the website and seen, they don't very often allow fre-trials for the first 2 months a game comes out for an MMO unless it is doing crappy. Second of all this game is gigantic, larger than anything you have played before it has over 7000 cities and towns on the landmass, you can build your own structures, engage in siege battles for castles and towns, and they can support over 20,000 people online at one time. Yeah its a ripoff. Which MMO do you play with such OUTSTANDING graphics again?

PS I didn't post those 3 pics and they are by far not the best screenies of what this game can do, and an MMO rarely has cutting edge graphics.


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Developers Think "I Hate GaaS" Somehow Means "There Aren't Enough Of Them"

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isarai84d ago

It's not so much Devs as it is Invested and shareholders, issue is barely anyone has the backbone to stand up to them anymore and say no for the sake of the project.

frostypants83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

The problem is the idiot gamers who keep throwing money at them. Actions speak louder than words.

TallDarknWavy83d ago

Microtransactions made up over 70% of all game revenue last year. Think about the order of magnitude that is in terms of percentage - it's billions of dollars. Money isn't in game sales, it's in getting children who don't understand the value of money, to use their parents' credit card to buy an outfit for their favourite gun in Fortnite.

JEECE83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

And the idiot gamers who say they hate them but instantly attack any multiplayer game that isn't run as a live service by saying the devs "sent it out to die" or "abandoned" it.

EvertonFC83d ago

Those idiots you talk about is all they care about now, they don't care about physical copies sold as it's pants profits, don't care about anyone over 35 years.
They care about the 11-30 year old who loves buying the MT/playing GaaS, don't care about AAA SP stories, doesn't care about Gfx etc.
We are not even a thought in these companies eyes anymore if you're over 35.

thorstein83d ago

What's even more ironic is that games like NBA2K, Madden, NHL, FIFA (whatever it is called) should be GaaS games.

Buy the new season update but keep the core game, then come out with a new game in 5 years.

Management is too stupid to realize this. For now, I just play old sports games offline. They literally ignore gamers that want this model for these games.

Then they're too stupid to realize that other games shouldn't be GAaS.

Crows9083d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I think they'll get there. But it depends on the audience. The sports audience don't care about spending more in game. They just want the newest version out there. A new badly made iteration every single year is very profitable....it's not like they're improving these games.

They're the same game every time with minor improvements and several steps back

XiNatsuDragnel84d ago

Subscription models usually carry cheap, less quality games.

Vits84d ago

This is a fairly interesting article that does summarize a bit of the history of this revenue type. But to answer the main question is a much simpler affair: While people will say in the internet that they hate GaaS games. The top revenue generating games are GaaS, so companies will try to have their own. Take Genshin Impact for example, that game alone generated more than 1.5 Billion USD in revenue during 2022. That is almost as much as the 1.9 Billion USD that Ubisoft as a whole generated that year.

It's definitely a risky move because the majority of GaaS games don't reach the level of success Genshin Impact achieved. However, companies can't seem to take their eyes off that tempting prize at the end.

-Foxtrot84d ago

Do you ever think that over the past year or so every studio who makes this shit has started to think

"GaaS is dying out partially because there's so many of them in the market now, I think other developers are moving away from the model now BUT lets stick to our GaaS game and then when it releases we'll be one of the few on the market still which allows us to get more of the market share since every one else has left"

Yet because every developer has that same thought process they've now all got GaaS games on a still over saturated market.

phoenixwing83d ago

Most studio heads aren't gamers. They see money generated and think their game can just as easily fill the spot another game has. At least that's my opinion on it. They don't really see the finite amount of online gamers can only flock to so many games and that they're pretty entrenched in what online games they play. All they think about is how nice it would be to have the success of cod or fortnite with barely spending any money. Since they're not gamers they don't see that it took a lot of variables gamers enjoy for the games to get entrenched they just think they can be a me too

purple10183d ago

It’s a bit like trying to create a meme
You can, but the proper meme’s develop over time, organically and that’s why they reach max popularity.

One simply does not just ‘gass’

cloganart83d ago

Premiere gaming is dying. With Spider-Man's 300 million dollar budget and Ratchet & Clank's ridiculously low return on investment (8 million Dollar loss) AAA gaming is going to be only filled with even more High profile IPs trying to make the biggest bang for buck. Expect to see more of this stuff.

"AA" level games are now making a big comeback and are usually even more beloved by playerbase now. So hopefully that's the silver lining. Smaller, better games.

notachance83d ago

ratchet and clank has got $22+ millions of profit, did you just seriously quote a forecast on a leaked presentation that was refuted almost immediately way back dude?

cloganart73d ago

Thanks for the reminder, I just went back and saw that the profits were up after the PC launch since the leak was outdated prior to the PC port launch.


shinoff218383d ago

Ratchet wasn't a loss though. Wayntonrun with a false headline Lil buddy

thorstein83d ago

That's not even remotely true.