Origin User on Receiving End of Harassment Banned

Origin user MaximumTacos was banned from the EA Service, losing access to both multiplayer and single player content, for receiving a harassing chat message.

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aviator1893134d ago

Well, that's not right and really not fair. Or it's probably just ignorance on EA's part.

-Mika-3134d ago

I like how you automatically believe this guy. I understand some people hate EA but there are two sides to every story. This guy is probably lying and trying to get attention. He most likely was the one who used the bad language and is trying to blame it on someone else. Until I see some good solid proof. This story is fake.

vortis3134d ago

EA set expiration dates for online passes, why the heck would this guy need to lie? I'm sorry but if it was a respectable publisher I'd side with the pub (like Bethesda or Rockstar) but this is EA and they're now synonmous with butt raping their consumers.

gamingdroid3134d ago

The problem is that EA is known to censor and ban users on their forum if they disagree with EA.

If this was a trustworthy company such as Steam, I would be more likely to question the "guy". Unfortunately, my terrible experience with EA's policy's means the burden of proof is on EA.

- online passes
- spying on your computer
- nasty drm
- expiring online passes

Can it even get worse?

awi59513134d ago

Oh locking you out of single player content you paid for time for a class action lawsuit.

zeal0us3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Is it me or have EA have been f'n up lately?....But then again,like Mika said there is two sides to every i'm not totally sure about the whole situation.


I find it weird that when you're playing M-rated title that admin/mods/whoever don't want you to use inappropriate language.

ClosingRacer3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Actually i had to deal with EA support like 3-5 times this year and so far i was happy with the Help i got. They even went as far as giving me another Product key so i can install it to origin ( i bought the sims 3 pets on pc and i put the cd key in origin so i can download it instead of using the CD so i don't need the CD to play it). when i put it in and origin wouldn't take it for some reason EA actually got me another code so i could actually do it for Free. I don't know but it is ten times better than Xbox support( though xbox has gotten better) or ps3's

Spenok3134d ago

I agree, i have had to call them a few times reguarding BF3 for PC. And i was lucky enough to also get a free CD key.

Long story short i bought BF3 on Black Friday and installed it on my computer.... however i realized i activated the key under the wrong Origin account, so i called in to get it switced over or fixed. And they ended up just activating a new CD key into the proper account... and not only that, i had bought the regular version of the game, and when the guy asked i told him the truth. Which i guess was a good thing because he bumped me up to the collectors edition of the game.

AND he did not deactivate my old CD key, thus giving me a free copy of the game. So since then i have been lanning with a friend. Its a pretty sweet deal.

radphil3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I'm holding this with a grain of salt. Despite the history with EA in some of the silly stuff they do, I haven't had one rep from their side act nasty to me when I had issues with my account.

Plus the "source" is Reddit. People LOVE to leave bits and pieces out there. -_-