Sony’s “The Last of Us” – SCE Santa Monica Studio game or Kojima project? Speculation time!

GE: "What could this mysterious title be? No one has a definitive answer at the moment, though we do have some interesting information that could be related to “The Last of Us”."

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doctorstrange3137d ago

Hmm, I didn't get a Kojima vibe at all. Santa Monica does seem plausible tho

Urrakia343137d ago

I agree. If Kojima is behind this project, I'd be extremely surprised.

Thatguy-3103137d ago

Survival horror for move?

n4gisatroll3137d ago

Hopefully it is until dawn, that looked cool.

fuzion17c3137d ago

Could it possibly be Quantum Theory's next game?

Grip3137d ago

i bet it's undead game.

Iroquois_Pliskin3137d ago

A want a good old Survival Horror game with zombies ala Resident Evil 2.

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DaveMan3137d ago

Well Jeff Kneighly is hyping this game up to the stratosphere. I get it, he's the host and he should hype it, but it sounds like it's more than your average new ip.

Kneighly said this was an amazing and surprising announcement. Well it would be surprising if Kojima is working on this, but isn't he busy with assistance on MGS: Rising, Lord of Shadows 2, and his new ip Project Ogre?

So I personally don't see Kojima on this.

But Sony Santa Monica have been hiring for a new open world fps title. I have a itching feeling that it might be it. Santa Monica would make any reveal hype worthy.

Jio3137d ago

Well, what he described with the player having no control makes sense with the ant video on the website. When the ant gets infected, it's still alive but can do nothing but remain conscious while the fungus takes over and controls everything.

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blumatt3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Man, you gotta hand it to Sony. Securing tons of unique exclusives is their forte! I'm excited to see what this game is.

They give people the funding to make their creativity come to life with unique games like LittleBigPlanet, The Last Guardian, and Heavy Rain.

Well, that's what I meant. They secure tons of first party studios, which in turn gives them tons of exclusive games.

metsgaming3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

i also want to know what the other trailers that haven't been announced are. I hope one is battlefront 3.

edit: yea your right if they do make it, i feel they will ruin it lol. They would try and make it like every other shooter. At the very least they should make an hd collection didnt 2 actually have online ?

Urrakia343137d ago

We should just give up bro. Battlefront 3 is the new Duke Nukem Forever. It'll either never release, or take way too long to release that it sucks horribly once it does. (Most likely because of ridiculous amounts of hype and unrealistically high expectations.)

Ryudo3137d ago

I don't think they secure many exclusives outside if Japanese games, for the most part they make them in house.

modesign3137d ago

sony exclusive = sony studio aka santa monica

SquidBuck3137d ago

Why would it? Sony owns 17 or 18 studios that could be developing the exclusive.

Urrakia343137d ago

I hope you realize Sony has more studios than just Santa Monica.

modesign3137d ago

did i say that was there only stuido. noob

torchic3136d ago

ahahahahaha he called you a noob! the irony!

I had a good laugh there ahahahaha

funny, funny comment

pedo_across-the-road3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

In the October issue of playstation magazine, they said they had something special to reveal but said they couldn't and that they would reveal that thing in the November issue, what ever happen to that?

SquidBuck3137d ago

I just Hope...HOPE, this is not a move game. Move is cool but it should be mainly for fps's.

saladthieves3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Yes...and no.

Honestly, we could really use a good game for PS Sorcery!

You know...a game that makes you say awesome, I'm gonna get myself a PS Move. Something like that.

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