10 reasons why Max Payne 3 will be worth the wait

CVG - The last time we saw mob hunting, painkiller guzzling, hard-boiled cop Max Payne was in 2003, when he teamed up with sultry vixen Mona Sax to run-and-gun his way through the New York underworld.

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ExitToExisT3135d ago

It will be worth the wait if the sp would be 10-12 hours long.

ReservoirDog3163135d ago

Well, R* aren't exactly known for short games. I know it's different but still.

I'm actually looking forward to this regardless of the setting change. Unless it gets absolutely horrid reviews, I'm getting it day one.

D3mons0ul3134d ago

Ten reasons why max payne 3 MIGHT be worth the wait.