PlaystationMAG - The Darkness 2 hands on and interview: boobs, blood and bad things

PlaystationMAG - Yeah, I probably shouldn’t be enjoying this so much. There’s a massive eel-like demon arm snaking over my left shoulder, with a struggling man hanging from it. Over my right shoulder, another tentacle writhes and snaps while I hold R1 to control it and try to decide whether I’m going to slice him from head to toe, or just gut him. I may have gone wrong.

In the end I flick the stick from right to left, whipping the demon arm across the screen and cutting the guy in half. I’ve been doing this for half an hour – grabbing, slashing, wreaking havoc and generally feeling like a rampaging monster in a horror movie. Which, in a way, I am. Welcome to The Darkness II.

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lyvon3135d ago

boobs, blood and bad things? there's a sexist joke in there somewhere...