Def Jam 3 for Ps3 Images

Here are some images of the PS3 version of the awaited Def Jam 3 fight for Ny Developed by EA.

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Bill Nye5396d ago

Funny how people call taking photos of a magazine with a camera 'scans'.

RelloC5396d ago

scans you can actually read. blinding reflective lighting you cant.

Sevir045396d ago

in one of my really really old issues of GI last year, they did a cover story of both Fight night Round three and Def Jam 3.... these aren't new lol!!! and the developers said that the same Graphics engine and physics engine that was used for fight night round 3 will be the same one for Def Jam 3, aint nothing new

OutLaw5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

I subscribe to Game Informer and EGM and I feel that this was in one of those magazines. It probably was Game Informer because I could picture it being big on the front cover.

Also it was being made for both the 360 and PS3

Sevir045395d ago

both games were actaully being made for the platforms but the 360 version of FNR3 was release first due to the fact that the ps3 was pushed back to nov 17th, though DJ3 will both be releases simultaneously on both ps3 and 360

DJ5396d ago

looking good. I used to play Def Jam: NY with one of my hallmates once in a while, and it was pretty fun. Watching Carmen Electra b*tch-slap the crap outta Busta Rhymes was pure gold.

m235395d ago

i hope 50s in there and eminem, even though they aren't on def jam, like DMX/Snoop/electra, etc.

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