My annoyance is with parents who think it's OK for their 12 year-olds to play violent games

Clint Tokley: A few years ago I worked in retail, where I'd have kids coming in to buy 18-rated games - GTA for example - and would turn them away only to have their parent come in two minutes later to buy it for them, knowing it was an 18. Surely this should be classed as a form of child abuse?

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Klipz-Wish3134d ago

If they only knew the games i played when I was a kid.


i played mario, zelda, Wild Gunman, Pong, Wrecking Crew! which evolved into Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Loom, DoTT... whats my point? oh yeah, everything was better back then

3GenGames3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Whoever disagrees clearly thinks that graphics make the game and needs a wake up call. NES library > Modern PS3/360 library game-wise.

Ducky3133d ago

Nostalgia is a hell of a drug.

n4gisatroll3133d ago


I wouldn't say that. It's hard to really compare those original 2d games with now. Sure, paperboy, 1942, Mario, and zelda was pretty epic then, and great fun now. But, it really has no story or real immersion todays games have.

slayorofgods3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I remember growing up during the SNES era, my parents loved Atari games but they just didn't get the new era of gaming and claimed ATARI games were better. I knew then it was because they were getting out of touch and that the snes games were really just too hard for them to play. I swore then I wouldn't end up like that for my kids.

omi25p3133d ago

When i was 6 i played:

Mortal Kombat
Streets of Rage
Revenge of Shinobi
Golden Axe
Castlevania the new generation

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JsonHenry3133d ago

No, it should not be classified as child abuse. It is the parents RIGHT to purchase what they think their child can handle. Keep YOUR uniformed opinions out of MY parenting.

gamingdroid3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I agree!

On another note, I think they should punish parents that have children that doesn't finish school. The way it is now, we have idiot voters making stupid choices and voting in all shorts of stupid things that is ruining this country.

Just look at the people participating in "occupy wall street". The problem isn't wall street, it's your freaken governemnt!

In my opinion that is a far bigger problem than children playing mature games. The percentage of people getting hurt from mature games is far less than the lack of education!

Now... won't somebody think of the children!!!

DazeLokrotan3133d ago

oh yeah, well their child can't handle dying in a videogame so they resort to sitting in a corner waiting for unsuspecting grownups to pass by.

slayorofgods3133d ago

video games are one of absentee parents favorite scape goats.

MrDead3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I think its ok to play violent games when younger as long a they can differentiate between the gaming world and reality. I remember me and my friends watching endless horror and action movies just to see the big grose-out payoff and being excited when we played Robocop vs Terminator, not because it was good but so we could say we played one of the first 18 rated games.

My biggest problem with kids playing mature games is the way they act online. I rarely play online now because the last thing I want to hear is some little brat screaming obscenities, playing god awful music and throwing temper tantrums when things don't go their way.

achmetha3133d ago

I mustve been abused for 15 years then

DeadlyFire3133d ago

I started stealing cars in GTA when I was 12. WTF are they talking about it being bad. :P I never did it in real life. I can act it out in my own world and not get arrested why would I do it otherwise.

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Pikajew3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

I never get why parents get M rated games for their kids.

When I was 12 I only played E and T rated games. My parents never allowed me to have M rated games

They should have a rating between T and M

LOGICWINS3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"I never get why parents get M rated games for their kids."

Because sensible parents(mine) know how to educate their children, from an early age, about the existence of the law and the consequences of disobeying it.

If at 12 years old, you still don't understand that stabbing someone in the face because they stole your Caprisun pouch isn't okay, then thats the parents fault for not teaching their children the difference between right and wrong.

Another reason is that Americans(young and old) generally enjoy violent films(action/horror). If you allow your twelve year old kid to watch movies like Resident Evil, then why deprive him/her of playing the game?

Cosmit3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Logic has a point. I remember playing Conkers Bad Fur day on N64. A mature game. At the time of playing that I didn't even know what the word Mature meant! Haha. It always came up when starting up the game. Always was clueless about it. But my parents didn't mind. They knew they raised me right.

I'm 19 right now. When I was younger and played Rated M games, I always knew to watch my mouth around other people who would find it offensive or around younger kids. Wether it was a grocery stores or out in the streets. I was educated enough to know to watch my mouth around other people who I didn't know. Same goes for violence. I never once thought of shooting or stabbing anyone because of of the Violent games I played as a Kid.

When I have kids, I will have no problem letting my kids play M Rated games. Because I'll MAKE sure they know that violence, unless used in self defense isn't Ok. I'll make sure they watch there mouth around other people. If you taught your kids properly or your parents taught you properly and if they don't have a serious disorder, then there shouldn't be a problem.

n4gisatroll3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Ehh, but todays youth is all about killing and shooting. My little nephews and their friends, mind you are around 13 or younger even my little nephew and his friends who are around 5, want to kill things. Now its not my fault, or the rest of my familes fault, but rather the amount of time they have at their friends house who plays xbox. And they play games like mw3, its just stupid how tissue youth acts unlike when I was a kid. In the 90s there weren't violent games like there is now. You can't compare annnnything from the 90s to tissue games. And its bad parenting to let your little kids play that stuff. When they are young, instead of buying them an xbox or ps3 or even a Wii, tell them to play outside. Buy them a bike, or take them to the woods. That's the problem with kids today. I feel old.

Also, kids now a days use such profane it makes me want to slap their parents for not doing there jobs.

Urrakia343133d ago

My parents bought me M rated games for me as a kid. Then again I'm not a psycho rapist murderer.......or am I???

Max Power3133d ago

I bet you drive a van with no windows.

rdgneoz33133d ago

Anyone can kill someone, even if its an accident or self defense. What makes someone a killer is whether they can sleep at night after doing it.

kneon3133d ago

When I was 12 games had no ratings as far as I can recall. ESRB only started in the 90s didn't it?

Majin-vegeta3133d ago

Wait wasn't the ESRB created due to MK blood &Gore?

OT:I've been playing M rated games since i was 4 and nothings wrong with me.

Hell my 7 year old nephew plays cod but i monitor him when he does and he knows what's real and not.

RedDead3133d ago

I've been playing GTA and Resident evil since I was a child. Been watching Horror films since that age too. I can't handle the sight of real violence so well. I love animals and barely get angry.(my friends think i'm the most passive **** in existence).

So what was wrong with 18 games and movies for me? Nothing! I knew what was ****ing real and what wasn't. Since I was a child.

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Titanz3133d ago

Having their children play games that are not catered to their age group, is the equivalent of underage drinking, or smoking.

I guess ESRB rating warnings, aren't enough.

rdgneoz33133d ago

ESRB ratings are enough, its preventing kids from buying it themselves. Though as with underage drinking, if people of legal age give it to those that are underage, not much you can do till there's a problem.

Cosmit3133d ago

"Having their children play games that are not catered to their age group, is the equivalent of underage drinking, or smoking."

Oh please stop it you drama queen.

yesmynameissumo3133d ago

If you raise your kids right, it doesn't matter what games they play. They encounter way more "M rated" things in life, at school and with friends. You can't control everything, but can instill common sense, morals and the differentiation between right and wrong.

theonlylolking3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

True to that. If parents attached a mic to their kid and listened on what the child is hear and talking about in school then they would explode.

This article is stirring up trouble and is looking for quick hits.

LettingGo3133d ago

Parenting is never easy, but common sense HELPS.

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