South Park RPG details reveal turn-based battles, classes and Roshambo attack

XMNR: After the Game Informer cover for South Park: The Game was announced the other day, we waited for the obligatory leak of details from someone getting a hold of the magazine early. That day arrived on Saturday and it is chock full of information for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game from Obsidian Entertainment and THQ.

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RememberThe3573146d ago

Silent protagonist is lame. Those days are over yet devs keep doing it.

johnnyvegas3146d ago

Actually, your character from Skyrim is a silent protagonist of some sorts, I dont see anyone complaining about that? Doucher.

NoobJobz3146d ago

Silent until ... FUS RO DAH!

RememberThe3573145d ago

I don't care what "people" say, I was giving my opinion. And I haven't played Skyrim yet but if the game has a silent protagonist I'll probably think that part of the game is lame.

South Park is a dialogue heavy show so just siting there as they all talk sounds lame to me. If I play the game I want to be apart of the world not just an observer, I already do that on Wednesday nights.

And whats up with that "Doucher" comment?