End of the Year Report Cards, Who Won 2011?

PlanetXbox360: "It's that time of year again! As 2011 comes to a close, we look back at the big three and assess how each major player in the video game industry faired. From exclusive games to downloadable content, there's a lot to take into account. So how are we going to go about tackling this?

We're going to systematically hit upon each of the three companies (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) and provide each with a letter grade. But we also want to hear from you, so be sure to cast your vote for which major player in the gaming industry won 2011 in the comments below.

Here we go..."

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PirateThom3143d ago

If you're wondering, the 360 won with a B+, Sony got a B and Nintendo got a C....

Silly gameAr3143d ago

Thanks thom. Saves me some trouble.

Edgeofglory3143d ago

"However, they're going to need to provide fresh and new content if they want to remain competitive in this industry, as relying on older well-established franchise simply won't due"

LOL how is this site not banned from N4G,most of the ps3 games have been new IP`s. Killzone 3 wasn`t the best and some people thought it was a let down but after battlefield 3-(single player worst i ever played) and MW3-(multiplayer broken and boring) kz3 turned out to be the best FPS this year. Infamous 2 amazing,R3 amazing,UC3 most perfect scores in history. PS3 won this year hands down,won E3 just like they have done for the last few years.

NukaCola3143d ago

So since multiplat games sell more on 360 then 360 wins despite a lack luster games and only 2 exclusives this year? Sony comes in second because it's strong line up and booming quality doesn't compare when MW3 sold more on 360?

Thanks again for a non biased article, you are the best planetxbox360..!!! /s

Skip_Bayless3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

PS3 won this year. PS3 won with systems sold and the quantity/quality of the games. With a PS3 this year you basically get to play everything that's on a 360 and more.

The argument about multiplatform games selling more on 360 is irrelevant because it's the publishers that make the money. Batman, Modern Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3 money goes to their publisher not Microsoft. Micorosoft gets like $1 from each game sold. Where as each game sold from Sony 1st party gets 50% of the profit like Uncharted 3, Infamous 2, Killzone 3, and Little Big Planet 2.

fear883143d ago

Me thinks the multiplats only sell better because MS has a problem making GOOD EXCLUSIVES.

Maybe if they put the kinect back into the closet where it belongs and focus on the core games, multiplats would sell less?

Maybe they should put multiplats selling more as a con instead of a pro because its a condition of the LACK OF GOOD EXCLUSIVE GAMES.

ApplEaglElephant3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

to write an article like this.

I mean 2 exclusives entire year. LOL. I mean 360 exclusive couldnt even get an nomination on VGA.

And PLEASE dont bring me exclusives dont matter. There are 1 AAA exclusives for every 2 AAA multiplats out there. and I am just using the AAA as 90+ games on metascore.

PS3 absolutely dominated in terms of both quality and quantity of games.

NoobSessions3143d ago

Multiplats held the crown this year. Most people who'd disagree to that are most likely holding on to some fanboyish tendencies.


[Im not agreeing that 360 won either btw]

darthv723143d ago

PS3: A
360: B
Wii: C-

only thing keeping the Wii from a D (or lower) is Zelda. That game is the saving grace this year for them.

CryofSilence3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

What an awful article, and Alex "acharlez" Osborn is clearly a fanboy. Even his own article contradicts what he concludes. Let's get rid of this trash. This site isn't qualified to say which console won; the domain name says it all.

Go watch the Bonus Round grades on Gametrailers instead. There you have two REAL journalists and an established analyst giving fair grades.

CryofSilence3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Double post. Fail N4G...

da_2pacalypse3142d ago

who won? me, the gamer. Great gaming year, some great games across the platforms. Good to have all 3 consoles :)

lumley6663142d ago

totally biassed article lol sony gt slammed for having no new ips even tho they were all 9/10 games, tho microsoft gt praised for having 2 non new ips that scored 9/10 lol hmmm seems fishy to me lol

Boody-Bandit3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

This is a sad state of affairs watching someone so desperate and bias spinning out of control searching for a glimmer of hope. Sorry but when common sense and morality step in and make sheer ignorance and wishful thinking move aside? You are left with one realistic conclusion. Sony is at the top of the podium for 2011.

Any site that puts MS ahead of Sony in the gaming industry for 2011 needs to have their bandwidth revoked.

SilentNegotiator3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

"So since multiplat games sell more on 360 then 360 wins despite a lack luster games and only 2 exclusives this year? Sony comes in second because it's strong line up and booming quality doesn't compare when MW3 sold more on 360?"

Who needs games when you can.....stare at a sales chart??

Perjoss3142d ago

Its funny that people are taking this seriously, its an opinion piece. All 3 consoles have good games on them, any real gamer owns all 3 (and a PC) as not to miss out on anything.

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Strange_Evil3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

In no way can a self respecting gamer give 360 more points than the PS3 this year... Even the most hardcore 360 fans will agree that PS3 has had the best year and apart from the last half, it's been a dull year for the 360.... But it's PX360... Of course they'll show their biasism.

It's been Quantity and Quality on the PS front... And the authors argument is ludicrous... Deeming the 360 a winner cause it's exclusive (2 of them) lived up to the hype whereas Uncharted 3 (which is rated higher than any other 360 exclusive and nominated for various GOTY awards) didn't live up to the hype... Also, 'Sony didn't put out any new IP'... Sherlock show me 1 decent IP this year for the 360... And the last point is the cherry on the cake.. "While high profile games like Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City are available on the PS3 and PC as well, they continue to sell more on the 360"...So you counting sales as a factor in your enjoyment?.. I rest my case.

ksense3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

exactly my thoughts lol.

i laughed hard when I read that Sony did not bring any new ips and when I look at xbox 360 they had not only way less exclusives but nothing new as well and the two major titles were sequels...gears 3 and forza 4.

xPhearR3dx3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I can. I've been waiting for the next Elder Scrolls game right after I completed Oblivion back in 2006. So 5 years now. If I ended up buy Skyrim for PS3, I would be outraged by frame rate issues making the game nearly unplayable. On the 360, the game has been damn near flawless for me. Without a 360, I wouldn't be enjoying a game I've been waiting for, for years. Multiplatforms dominated this year over exclusives. I want the best version of that game on consoles (not graphics wise, performance wise) and the 360 has been doing it very well.

I think you're a little foolish to believe no one in their right mind can't disagree with you. If Nintendo fans don't like games like Uncharted, inFamous, Resistance etc. but adore Mario, Zelda, Kirby and so forth. What makes you think they're going to say PS3 had the best year?

Strange_Evil3143d ago

^^^ You base your judgement on a single game and that too on a trivial point of the frame rate dipping (something which can be easily avoided by disabling auto-save or just wait for a patch) in deciding 360 has had a better year? This is an overall assessment of consoles and not something based on niche preference. It's not as if PS3 users don't have Skyrim to play...

Out of all the multi-plats, Skyrim is the only 1 that seems to have performance issues. Rest all AAA games were nearly identical (Portal 2, BF3, AC:Revelations, LA Noire in fact being better on the PS3... Some having more content and some having better graphics/performance).

When you rate all 3 companies this year, it's a clean swipe for the PS3... The PS3 has had more games and variety covering nearly all genres (2 AAA FPS, 1 AAA TPS, 1 Super Hero Game and LBP2 for kids)... Again... I am talking about a general assessment. If the author would have provided valid comparison points, then I would have acknowledged it and given it to him, but saying PS3 lacked new IP's and that PS3 exclusive 'Didn't Live up to the hype' and yet saying the only 2 360 exclusive 'Lived up to the hype'... On what basis does he say that?

Again, if you have only the multi-player card to play, then it's a moot point... Motion Controller's hardly mattered this year... So that is why I said PS3 was the undisputed winner. Let 'UNBIASED' sources like IGN,Gametrailers, Gamespot release their list at the end of the year and see PS3 take all the awards...

alexcosborn3143d ago

When assessing how well a company performs, I most definitely will take sales into account. This article was written to look at how well the companies performed, and on that front, Microsoft is the clear winner.

And aside from Resistance 3, I wasn't wowed by any of the PlayStation 3 exclusives this year. Sure, Uncharted 3 was great, but it felt far to similar to Uncharted 2. I'm not saying Gears 3 or Forza 4 aren't like they're predecessors, I'm just saying that they showed more improvement when compared to prior entries.

And as for multiplatform games. They are of absolute importance. The biggest games this year were Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim and the best undisputed place to play either of those games is the Xbox 360.

JackBNimble3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

acharlez... the best undisputed place to play any multi-plat would be the PC.

People like you make me laugh, how many 360 exclusives can be played on a PC? That's right, the 360 has even less exclusive games then they would have you believe, because if you can play it on PC aswell ... then it ain't exclusive is it?

There are very few games that are truely exclusive to the 360 , and the 360 is not even close to the best platform to play multi-plat games on.

Imalwaysright3142d ago

@ acharlez "When assessing how well a company performs, I most definitely will take sales into account. This article was written to look at how well the companies performed, and on that front, Microsoft is the clear winner."


Youre supposed to be a journalist?? At least do some research before spouting nonsense...

Strange_Evil3142d ago

@ acharlez.... Again I see flawed logic in your argument. Any journalist who pulls out how well a platform has fared in a particular year will not figure in the sales factor of the freaking games!! Any ordinary Joe in the market playing Arkham Asylum on his PS3 doesn't give a rats @ss if the game sold 1/2 million more on the 360. It's not like the next iteration won't be on the PS3 and the things run nearly identical.. Don't kid yourself with the 2006 tag line 'undisputed place for multi-plats'.... Apart from Skyrim, all games run well on the PS3... Some even surpassing the 360 counterparts (like LA NOIRE, BF3, AC:R, PORTAL 2, some having more content or performing better.)

COD and Skyrim weren't the only multi-platform games to come out this year. You just pull out 2 games since they perform well on the 360 (COD is the same... the only thorn in skyrim).

Another point would have to be comparing only 2 games on the 360 side and pitting it against the plethora of PS3 exclusives released this year... A Question to you and answer honestly... What did you do for the entire year till Q4 if you only considered Gears, Forza, COD and Skyrim (As decent games you've played eh?)... While 360 users were basically waiting for their games, I played LBP2,Killzone 3 at the start, Infamous 2 in the middle, Resistance 3 and UC3 near the end with the countless multi-plats... Infamous 2 was a huge jump from Infamous 1, Resistance 3 was a huge jump, KZ3 still is one of the best rated FPS this year, LBP2 allowed one to create entire gamers for crying out loud!!!

And how can one say UC3 didn't push boundaries since UC2 was so perfect is beyond me? That doesn't change the fact that UC3 is deemed the best TPS by critics and nominated for various GOTY... But just cause Gears improved over it's predecessors (still falling short of UC3 greatness), makes it more appealing than UC3? Also I can pretty much say that Forza 4 is the same game as Forza 3 in those context as very little has improved overtime.

I know it's your opinion, hell your site is named planetxbox for crying out loud, of course you are gonna awards it to the 360... But still I can't look at this straight faced and not face palm... Being a mature gamer you pit in Kinect lol.... An advice.. Put out 2 articles... 1 portraying how the companies did in terms of sales from a business perspective and the 2nd from a gamers perspective... Don't mash up the 2 and pass it out as a 'generalized' opinion since your site loses credibility here if you do. Especially in handling a sensitive topic of portraying the competitors console in bad light.

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MariaHelFutura3143d ago

I think multiplatforms won this year. There has been a sh!tload of amazing ones. (Skyrim, Portal2, Batman etc)

Biggest3143d ago

Which would mean the console with those games plus many, many others would "win" in such a comparison. It obviously doesn't matter to whoever wrote this "article".

xPhearR3dx3143d ago


No it doesn't matter period. More doesn't mean better. Xbox 360 has all those games plus a couple of major exclusives, and TONS of Kinect exclusives. Wii has even more in such comparison.

MariaHelFutura3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

PS3 was good, but wasnt great. PS move was lame. 360 was good, but wasnt great. Kinect was lame. Nintendo had Zelda and Mario.

Multiplatforms impressed me this year and took most of my time. (Again.. Skyrim, BF3, Portal2 and Batman)

So I think their is no "winner" this year console wise.

If anything the best exclusive this year for me was Infamous 2. So if that means to anyone I think Sony won... So be it.

Jazz41083142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

The most popular title on ps3 every month is firmware update and I'm sick of them. If it wasn't for n4g I don't know what ps3 fans wuld do as this site is a joke around the internet as the most biased ps3 fans anywhere and its not a good thing. In the real world a lot of pople like the 360 ad kinda think it has an edge and I agree as a dual console owner. Btw if you want 1 bubble just say something negative about the ps3. Not that's why this site is not looked on favorably with most journaist and fans.

kikizoo3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Stop pretending you have a ps3 jazz fanboy (and others desperate xfanboyz in total denial state),

maria, you've just forgotten most of the best games this year : Lbp2, R3, KZ3 UC3 goty, only blind fanboy can deny the fact that ps3 has just destroyed the competition this year (again)

by the way, [email protected] guy including sales and others thing gamers don't care about, to judge ("Last year I wouldve rated Xbox top because of the successful launch Kinect" = ridiculous, if you are not shareholder)

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DebateMaster3143d ago

the name of the site says it all.

_Aarix_3143d ago

no it doesnt this site is is the one the the least websites with bias as oppose to the ones without "360" in the name.

3143d ago
CryofSilence3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

'Nuff said.

On topic, PS3 easily won the console war this year. To say otherwise is lunacy/fanboyish.

Megaton3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

PS3 has been "winning" since 2008 if you're just talking about delivering games. 2010 can be argued for the 360, but other than that the PS3 has been a clear winner.

This was probably the worst year the 360 has had since launch, although it sold like crazy despite its horrid game library. Very weird how that works. Have less games, sell more consoles.

You'll never get PlanetXbox360 to admit anything like that, though. No such thing as journalistic integrity over there. Just a bunch of fanboy bloggers.

Edit - Of course right below me is UltimaEnder, the owner of PlanetXbox360, posting some comment as if he's an objective viewer and not affiliated.

Andronix3142d ago

Hardly an impartial website. Watch gametrailers review of the year for more balanced discussion.

Last year I wouldve rated Xbox top because of the successful launch Kinect. But this year there was Gears 3 and Forza but no other AAA exclusives. Big sales of console in the USA.

Sony had loads of exclusives spread throughout the year, and became number 1 sales in the world excluding USA and the UK, but they also had the PSN hack which took ps3 online gaming offline for nearly 6 weeks.

Nintendo, slow launch to 3DS but later sales, Wii software was mainly casual stuff. Except new Zelda, but a console needs more than 1 game.

Microsoft - C
Sony - C
Nintendo C-

Not a great year. But 2012 will be a special...!

Gamer19823142d ago

Who is surprised 360 won on a 360 site? I own all 3 consoles and this year I have bought more for my PC then PS3 then 360 this year. That would be the correct order. PC only because of STEAM sales though those things are a beast! lol

Getowned3141d ago

Steam is the best! $ales sooo many SALES!! I don't know how many games I always wanted to play but never did and I got them for under 5$ it's crazzy,I just wish civ5 would go on sale.

zerocrossing3142d ago

I remember when we didn't care about this crap...

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Majin-vegeta3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

* Sony has proven that they know what the hardcore gaming market wants. However, they're going to need to provide fresh and new content if they want to remain competitive in this industry, as relying on older well-established franchise simply won't due.*

Umm that should go to M$ what exclusives are 360 players getting next year other than Halo 4??

Lol Sony already has M$ beat we get Starhawk,Twisted Metal,Ni no Kuni,The Last Guardian,Sly cooper:Thieves in time etc.

Edit:If i missed any feel free to add.

Game4life3143d ago

Tales of Grace F there might be a few Im forgeting that have solid 2012 release dates so far but im pretty sure those are them at the moment

fucadastates3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

dust 514,
Yakuza : of the End
Tales of Xillia.
MLB 13

and 4 games at least from NIS(A) coming in 2012

EDIT: Cy_wolf .. damn, sure i read somthing about it coming to the west.

Game4life3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

pretty sure Xillia doesnt have any confirmation that its getting translated yet

edit: i think those were rumors. I hope it comes over though

LeBronista3143d ago

PS3 also got cute Japanese girls in Atelier Meruru.

Getowned3141d ago

cute japanese girls = A++++

Tito083142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I have a question to ask, when some sites, especially Xbox sites claims multiplats sells more on the 360, do they mean U.S. sales or worldwide sales???, because I went to VGchartz(which I don't usually go a lot) shows mostly 1rst Person shooters and games like Assassin's Creed, & Skyrim or Madden selling more on the 360 overall when I check others like Need for Speed, Street Fighter, Castlevania, Grid, Batman AA, Tekken, Fifa selling more overall on PS3, even Bayonetta with that horrible PS3 port, sold more on PS3, I mean that's VGchartz, IDK if it's a trusting source!!!!

Gamer19823142d ago

Indeed Sony had a lot of exclusive new titles just because there not AA they avoided them.. Or did they? They are 360 writers so they probably didn't know they existed. This article is pure flame bait.

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DeeZee3143d ago

Ha-ha, I find it amusing when sites that have a console name in their name try to do these. Of course the Xbox 360 would win!

gamer2343143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

sensed some trolling of lately from xbox sites, well would do you expect, they've got no game to play

Tito083142d ago

It's being Happening for a long time, I hardly see any PS sites talking about Xbox, maybe some mention Xbox, but not in a trolling way, so that leaves to PlanetXbox360, MSXboxworld and others doing that kind of crap, that really shows how fucked up and unprofessional the Xbox community really is, not saying all Xbox users are like that since I have friends that are Xbox only owners... Not only that, but the media has been giving 360 & Microsft a free pass!!!!

I was expecting posts like "users experiencing issues with PS3 update", "PS vita this and that, it sucks", "Uncharted 3 this and that, and it sucks", that's ridiculous!!!!!

Gamer19823142d ago

PS3 gamers too busy playing there games..