The Bearded Gamer Show: Episode 12 - Gamer Girls Love Sex

In this new episode: Battlefield 3 in Iran, a Skyrim app and Skyrim books on your e-reader, and Square Enix's new RPG project are in the news. Reviews of Jurassic Park: The Game, Rayman Origins and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A BioShock movie trailer, and some recent findings on woman gamers and their sexual habits.

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DarkBlood2544d ago

count me out meh :P lol

DarkBlood2543d ago

just to clarify i done it 4 times same person who was my first gf so no im not a virgin4life even though i regrett ever doing it anyways :P

naznatips2544d ago

In my experience the study referenced in the title is true.

archemides5182544d ago

obviously, because like girls who are really into music, game addicts are emotion and ego addicts

zeroreloaded2543d ago

too bad most of the music they listen to are crap, this is what happens when you release them from the kitchen.

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