Why It’s Time To Release The Next-Gen Console

Rumors are once again swirling around concerning the next-gen Xbox unveiling. The media labeled Xbox 720 is speculated to be announced at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show this January. Of course, we’ve been hearing rumors of a new Xbox reveal preceding just about every major industry event for the last few years.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3141d ago

Yea it is. This gen ran a year longer than usual I suppose. Playstation refreshes it's brand every 6 years. If the ps4 is announced next year (which it most likely will be) it'll be released the year after which would make that a seven year gap.

But it doesn't even seem like it's been that long. This gen is slow.

LOGICWINS3141d ago

"Why It’s Time To Release The Next-Gen Console"

YUP, the mainstream is ABSOLUTELY ready to spend $300+ on a new gaming console in this economy.



Yes they are ready, I mean people are still ready to buy watered down hardware with awful graphics for 600$(iPad).

LOGICWINS3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

And AGAIN with the Apple products comparison. Do you people live in a bubble or something?

The IPAD's consumer familiarity is in another planet, no another DIMENSION compared to the PS3 or 360.

Just because consumers are willing to spend $600 on an Apple product doesn't mean that there willing to spend $600 on another piece of electronic.

Take a marketing course. Ever heard of brand equity? Google it. Its the premium that consumers are willing to pay in order to purchase a product with the more popular(supposedly better) brand. For example, most consumers would spend $2 more to buy Coca Cola instead if getting the generic store brand.

If Sony were to release a $600 Tablet on the SAME day as the latest Apple you ACTUALLY believe that it will sell just as well(if not better than the Apple IPAD)? Please educate yourself because you sound extremely ignorant.

The DS murdered the PSP saleswise and it not only had inferior hardware, but inferior graphics as well. Come back when you understand the power of brand equity.

ProjectVulcan3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Brand new consoles don't come out for mainstream gamers. :-/ They come out for early adopters with disposable income ready to invest early. You bring a new console out and you don't expect everyone to switch, you expect the people demanding a new console to buy it, and the rest to wait as per usual a couple years for the price to drop.

You have to have it out first before you can drop the price however!

I and many many others are ready for a new generation. That does not stop the current gen from still getting games.

Online has been the REAL game changer this gen, with more people shifting online. Mainstream online gaming, for everyone, on console. That did not happen overnight, and it didn't really happen until this generation.

Personally i believe you have to give the developers the technology and let them get on and find the right ways to utilise it. You don't usually just knock out a console and suddenly there is a tonne of great games that push the envelope and change the rules. The developers that innovate and bring new experiences to new hardware are the ones that flourish. The ones that give us same old same old often fall by the wayside in a transition.

Xbox 360 was out for nearly a year before Gears of War arrived, which was claimed as the first 'true' next generation game. You have to have the hardware around, before you can build new experiences for it. So just IMO, its time.

Get the stuff finished, out, let people complain there is nothing new for the first year it is here and out. Then when that special game hits and the next gen properly arrives, they can scrabble to snap them up. As usual.

So show me the consoles......

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

"Just because consumers are willing to spend $600 on an Apple product doesn't mean that there willing to spend $600 on another piece of electronic."

The difference being that an Ipads life cycle is about a year and a console's is 6.

And a next gen console wouldn't be 600 dollars. Apart from the ps3 they usually retail at 400. And considering they don't come out nearly as often as an IPad I wouldn't see why people wouldn't be ready for it. What do you think seven years is too soon? In the time it takes for a new console cycle you can start High School, graduate, and get a two year degree from a technical college. And during that time you can spend upwards of 3000 dollars on new ipads.

LOGICWINS3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

@Exgamer Legends- When the 360 and the PS3 came out, last gen consoles we're on their final legs. After God of War 2 and Persona 4, the PS2 was WAAAAY past its prime.

With the PS3 and 360, signs show that they haven't even reached their prime yet. Look at the footage we've seen of Bioshock: Infinite, GTAV, and Rainbow Six: Patriots. Unlike the Xbox and PS2 7 years intro their lifecycle...we are STILL seeing value in their PS3s and 360s 7 years down the line.

Seven years into their lifecycle, the PS2/Xbox didn't have heavy hitting sequels like AC3, GTAV, Halo 4, Max Payne 3 and Black Ops 2...not to mention Bioware, Bungie, Quantic Dream, Insomniac, and Guerilla Games' new IPs.

When people see all the games that they will be getting in the future with their EXISTING consoles...why upgrade so soon?

Shackdaddy8363141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Fact: If you aren't willing to shed out $300-$400 after 7 years then you're probably either living on the street or an extreme cheapskate. I mean, seriously? You spend more than that on gas each year

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Freddy_Millz13141d ago

Im sorry but i think the public isn't ready. Everyone is crying broke and if your just going to improve things GRAPHICALLY and have all CODs and FPSs, then i want no parts of it.

Game companies have done little lately to show they can add something new to the Frey and to make me drop another 500-600 for a prettier looking part 4 sequel of an FPS with nothing else changed, then eff that.

Give me a real reason to abandon ship, im sure others would agree but im just stating opinion.

Auld3141d ago

I'm with you on this

LOGICWINS3141d ago

Next weeks footage of Rainbow Six: Patriots at the VGAs will show people that theres PLENTY of juice left in these consoles. Not to mention that Assassin's Creed, Halo, COD, and GTA(the top selling franchises this gen) will get sequels next year.

And Sony's JUST getting started with PS Move on the PS3. A PS4 and Xbox 720 in the near future would make no sense whatsoever.

Majin-vegeta3141d ago

I agree i don't want next gen saturated with FPS again i want more variety like the ps2 days.

TheFirstClassic3140d ago

I feel like last gens games were just more creative than a lot of this gen's games, especially on the ps2 and gamecube. I like shooters just fine, but this gen just didn't have the charm the last one did. :(

aquamala3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

You dont have to get them at launch, wait a few years for them to get cheaper, I want mine NOW

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tiffac0083141d ago

My wallet is still protesting as we speak. :S

damnyouretall3141d ago

i want it before the worlds economies collapse and all the major wars that will come. basicly before the world (in my case america) goes to shit. bring on the best games asap. and i dont understand why some want to wait. theyve run their course, its time.

newflesh3141d ago

The main advantage of next gen consoles will obviously be the Graphics and performance. But I don't really care for the graphics which is still good now, but what I care for is Gameplay which is suffering today. I miss the old days of PS2 and Dreamcast when it was gameplay that actually mattered. Today it's only FPS, FPS and more FPS/

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