Microsoft Kinect Is Coming To Windows

Microsoft Kinect coming to Windows, a personal article by a guest writer.

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metsgaming3142d ago

I thought we already knew this.

3GenGames3142d ago

I also thought it was brought about a week after release and implemented into a few homebrew PC games about a week after that.

gamingdroid3142d ago

The SDK was known, but this is about a new piece of hardware specifically for PC. It supposedly smaller and has a near mode so it can detect you better up close at a 1-2 ft as opposed to the 10 ft away experience.

Dojan1233142d ago

When is it coming? I will end up getting but I think it will be a gimmick at first.

Animals_as_Leaders3142d ago

Such a sad day for PC gaming. Previously we were free from the pointless peripheral marketing scam.


I'll take a gamepad or mouse over anything they bring out.

Ducky3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Err... motion based peripherals aren't new to PCs (eg. Razor Hydra)

That, and I don't think the Kinect would be restricted to gaming only on PC.