Here’s what a next-generation The Elder Scrolls could look like

Too photo-realistic for an epic fantasy?

360ICE4313d ago

Hopefully they wont run in through whatever filter that was and look a little better. No offense.

Iroquois_Pliskin4313d ago

Damn i wonder how long the next gen TES would take to be developed

TheXgamerLive4313d ago

hahaha, exactly what I came in here to type as well.
I wont even read the story based on the headline.

"Here's what could a" hahaha:)
This is why we should take most posted articles with a grain of salt.

Hicken4313d ago

I'm still puzzling my way through the sentence...

christian hour4313d ago

He wins the internet. How did this get approved before being corrected? Apologies if english isn't his first language but someone could have surely pointed out the error before approval. I applaud you N4G for once again displaying how outstanding your community really is!

TL;DR what I type.

RankFTW4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

My brain hurts just from reading the title, no way I'm clicking the link in fear of my head actually exploding.

Darkfocus4313d ago

pitch black shadows in broad daylight, can't even see any details waaayyy too much contrast.....

nveenio4312d ago

Skyrim could look much better than it does THIS gen, let alone next gen. Bethesda really doesn't do much with their engines. They're very basic. Little to no physics, little to no AI, horrible path finding, low-res textures and geometry, etc.

But that's not why we play Skyrim, is it?

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Pikajew4313d ago

Instead of making it look great they should find a way so it's not very glitchy

Angerfist4313d ago

Seriously what kind of sentence is this? I thought this was a german Site judging by the Title

Organization XII4313d ago

Lol yeah sorry about that it was kinda rushed out, too bad I cant edit it anymore.

SantistaUSA4312d ago

lol I just got home from the bar, I was like damn I am really drunk :p

RememberThe3574313d ago

That look gorgeous. If next gen doesn't look like that it wont be worth it.

NamelessTed4313d ago

The video looks terrible. It is just too blurry for you to realize it. Next generation of games will make that looks stupid.


Watch that in 720p. That is what Epic, creators of Gears of War, are saying their next-gen engine is going to look like.

bozebo4313d ago

The engine is out and working atm on PC.

They didn't release Samaritan though, but all the tessellation tools/shaders/options are there and Batman AC uses the engine (but its assets are all modelled for current gen consoles so it only makes a small improvement)

The vid in this article looks like crap, I not sure what kind of troll it's meant to be.

ChrisW4312d ago

I do admit, I HATE motion blur... I thought it was the only thing that really detracted from the really quality of things. If next gen consoles use motion blur, I hope they give a way to shut it off. For me, it looks unnatural and interferes with my immersion.

BTW, I was kinda hoping for such quality with TESV.

Ninjamonkey824313d ago

Would be interesting to see if cryengine could do all the stuff that entails with what Elderscrolls requires. Collectalble plantlife, deverse locations. I dont know from what ive seen of cryengine so far yeah its pretty but it ain't got a 300hr game in it.

bozebo4313d ago

All that content is really just some scripting. It could be in any game engine.