DICE Working On Fixing Disappearing Cross Hair/Gun Glitch

Players of Battlefield 3 seem to be victim of an odd disappearing gun/cross-hair glitch. However it has come to out attention that DICE are aware of it.

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Jdub895O3136d ago

i was wondering at times if i was playing hardcore sometimes lol

Hufandpuf3136d ago

They need to take off the crosshairs and map on hardcore, idk why they didn't.

Cosmit3136d ago

It happened to me oncelol. Everything disappeared. NO HUD or names above of players name. Absolutely nothing. No Crosshair, ticket info etc. It was just My gun, and everything else on screen with no information. I thought I had gotten into a hardcore server. I was thinking to myself "People like this?" Lol. "How can you tell who's on your side and who's not." "What's going on?" Seeing as I have never gone into a hardcore server.

Jdub895O3136d ago

sounds what hardcore should be.

LoneWolf0193136d ago

They need to fix squad members joining the wrong team, and not joining the same squad. Gets quite annoying trying to play with a team and we just get split up.

Spenok3136d ago

That was supposed to be fixed with the last patch. I have yet to play it post patch. But has it not yet been properly fixed?

LoneWolf0193135d ago

Nope played about 2 days ago after downloading about a 200mb update and still had issues joining in a game on the same team and squad.

Hopefully it'll be fixed by Back to Karkland.

Spenok3135d ago

My update was 758MBs.... I wonder how yours was so small....

LoneWolf0193135d ago

Maybe because I was on 360? o.o Are you on Ps3? I remember Ps3's updates being alot when I had mine.

Spenok3135d ago

Could be that. And yeah, I'm on PS3. I still haven't had a chance to play with any friends. Though I have played it finally lol. Ill have to get a friend to join me to see if it was fixed on PS3. Though if it's not fixed on 360 after the update ill wager its still not fixed on PS3.

SignifiedSix3136d ago

I wonder when they're going to fix the god mode glitch, and the losers that go up on the highway on Tehran Highway.
The 360 didn't even get the update yet, which is starting to piss me off...

BattleAxe3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

This game is a mess. There was the same issue of missing crosshairs in the PC version of BC2, where you had to go into the settings.ini file, and turn off bloom or something to fix it. Nothing new here folks, just give EA your money and move along please.

Spenok3136d ago

My buddy was in an AA gun in Op Firestorm and he had his crosshairs dissapear on him. Personally i havent seen it, but im glad its being fixed... as i would hate to have this happen.

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