Major Layoffs As "Day 1 Studios" Loses Konami Publishing Deal

Always sad to see companies having massive layoffs or close. Especially in this day and time when it seems all too common...

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Raider693481d ago

This is bad!I liked F3AR 3 made by Day 1,but i hope the next FEAR gets made by Monolith Production's and im still waiting for the next Condemned game.

Lavalamp3481d ago

This is the worst kind of news. I hope those guys find jobs soon.

GirlsGeneration3481d ago

I wonder why "FRAR 3" it was their own fault for letting that game be so crap, it's too bad these guys used to make good game back in the day.

Knushwood Butt3481d ago

Very sad, but anything with John Carpenter's name on it tends to indicate crap these days.