Vita Memory Cards not to be priced the same in US as in Japan.

Someone sent a E-mail to Sony regarding the US pricing beeing the same as in japan. According to this e-mail it doesnt seem to be the case.

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Beetey3524d ago

Wait, didn't Sony already confirm that gamestop's prices were right except for the 4GB and 8GB?

Razongunz3524d ago

I don't actually know :/
but seeing as this e-mail is only a few days old i'm guessing that its more safe to belive that this one is right. but when it all comes to an end..we'll still have to see for our selfs what the prices are gonna be, as sony said here: its gonna be up to the retailers to decide the prices. which means that no matter what the price is not the one to take the blame on, because they didn't price it..

seems to me that sony found a way to give the blame to someone else when it comes to the pricing of the memory cards xD

smashcrashbash3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

So officially the prices of the memory cards are not the right ones. It is just a place holder until the NA prices are announced. Or did I not understand the email? @ Razongunz I think 'securing the blame on someone else' is a little harsh.

Razongunz3524d ago

the email says that the memory cards for NA isnt decided yet..and it will be up to retailers to decide the price and not sony, ether way.. sony found a way to secure the blame on someone else if the price turns out to be to high xD

GirlyGamer3523d ago

It said they will give them a suggested retail price. If Sony suggest selling 4g cards at $30 maybe amazon might sell the at $28.00 or something. They usually take a few pennies off

rattletop3524d ago

why is that we can't use standard sd cards?

Razongunz3524d ago

i belive there is 2 reason for that:

1. the ps vita memory cards are more secure and is supposed to prevent hacking/pirating, since a ps vita memory card won't be able to connect to a PC.

2. Sony likes money :P

nevin13523d ago

lol at blame the retailers.

what a way to kick off my saturday morning.

i hope this keeps up as its suppose to rain all day in chicago.

MasterCornholio3523d ago

God im tired of all the morons who assume that prices in Japan are equal to the rest of the world. If that was true then here in Spain the WiFi Vita would be 350 euros. But im happy to say that isn't the case here. Gamestop made their predictions by doing a direct currency conversion with prices in Japan. So I will not be surprised if it ends up being a lot lower. Just like here in Spain the Vita is 100 euros cheaper than in Japan.


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