Dead Rising Makes A Killing

Dead Rising is officially the fastest selling title in the UK for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft according to Chart Track figures and debuts in the All Formats chart this week (w/e 9th September 2006) at number 1 beating off stiff competition from Test Drive Unlimited and Saints Row.

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Funky Town_TX5854d ago

Capcom will stop support of the western console once the PS3 launches. Just look at how much DR has sold. Lost Planet will also do well. The only reason that Capcom has not to support M$ is because of a Sony payoff, or the fact that M$ is an American company.

jib5854d ago

how can you say capcom hasn't supported microsoft when they have two exclusives for 360 (DR+lost planet)

calderra5854d ago

There's a good chance Capcom WILL drop 360 support. It's stupid, senseless, and just bad business. But they might do it anyway. Why? I have no clue. Ask them.

It's like the old argument about there not being enough Japanese games on Xbox. Japanese devs kept saying 360 wasn't doing well in Japan because of the lack of J-games, so they decided not to develop for the system, meaning there were no J-games for it. And the circle keeps going around.

If J-developers would have developed for Xbox, the Xbox would have had J-games, so more devs would have switched to Xbox. And the circle goes 'round.

Ah-well. I guess the 360 will have to settle for only dominating the other 88% of the world game market.

Funky Town_TX5854d ago

the 360 was sayed not to have Japanese RPG's at launch. Now it looks like PS3 will have like one. I wish ppl would just think about it. Lost planet 2, RE5, and DR2 will be PS3 ex.

xbox=american games
playstation=world wide games

therfore playstation will have better games.

Jay da 2KBalla5854d ago

well thats your opinion but I feel 360 will have better games mainly because it will have more titles and has a good variety. Playstation has too many jrpgs that are boring as hell.

zonetrooper55854d ago

If you really have this game then comment of this game not about xbox 360 or PS3 or Wii. I got the game today and its as fun as hell, plus saints row was excellent. As for Capcom not supporting the xbox 360, stop being stupid as most third-party studios are going to support all consoles. Now leave these fanboy comments from this site.

gnothe15854d ago

do you really think that capcom would make these games exclusive.what capcom has here is a cash cow with the fans on the 360. so in no way will they NOT make the sequel to this game for the 360!buy the time part 2 of DR is to be relaesed, they would sell more copies of DR on the 360 then PS3's systems sold.thats just like saying ubisoft not releasing ghost recon 2 on the 360!! its not gonna happen, no company would shot themselves in the foot like that!!

TheMART5854d ago

Only one difference:

Sony doesn't have the money to buy it exclusive, or buy Capcom

MS has billions of dollars just for doing that. They bought Lionhead (Fable), Bungie won't ever bring Halo to other consoles, they have Microsoft Game studios inhouse with many AAA titles and if Capcom, Ubisoft or any other software house brings promissing titles they'll certainly go for a way to secure them.

So just wait and see. If the titles are important to MS, they won't be on PS

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