Disembodied Voices Episode 23: If Bryan Bakes a Pie, Don’t Eat It writes: "The Voices are back yet again, and still Disembodied as ever! Cameron provides some spoiler-free information on Skyward Sword, Stephen reminds everyone that he enjoys Devil May Cry 4, and Bryan gains a new nickname straight from aqua vertebrate slang. The Dreamcast Game of the Month is lame this week, but a downright fascinating discussion about Skyrim’s lasting impact makes up for that nicely. Another epition of Games to End All Games focuses on the Mario series, which (d)evolves into a complex debate concerning the objective and subjective greatest titles (2D and 3D counted separately, mind you) in the series. In his heart, Cameron picked Modern Warfare. Rounded out with a short but confusing list of new releases, you’re left with a, quite frankly, superb podcast of joyful magic."

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