DICE to make “Expansions” not “Map Packs” and More on BF3 Balance

MP1st - Community Manager Ian Tornay, aka Crash 7800, spoke a few words about DICE’s upcoming expansion pack to Battlefield 3, Back to Karkand.

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Majin-vegeta3147d ago

*What we can most likely take from this is that if you have any strong ideas for post-launch downloadable content, let DICE know. As Tornay said, “we’re not ruling anything out.”

I want a Dino horde mode.

Also for next gen i want at least 32 players on each side for online if that's possible.

mrsatan3147d ago

It's called PC bro, if you want 32 players on each side. They really should have called Battlefield 3 for consoles Bad Company 3 instead. Battlefield 3 for PC is a whole different game.

Gamer-Z3147d ago

I regretfully agree, BF3 on pc is 10x better sadly :/

Soldierone3147d ago

Why is that a sad thing? PC gamers paid to have that right. As a console gamer I would hope PC is better, because console need something to achieve for a new generation and need something leading the way. PC gamers buy new graphics cards and spend money on high end equipment, they should get better games for it.

I'm a console gamer and I love BF3. Is it "better" on PC, yes, but I don't care. Its not a sad thing, its a good thing, and DICE will support both just as well which is the greatest part.

mrsatan3147d ago

@ Soldierone

Wow it is refreshing to see a smart opinion from a console gamer. Usually I get attacked for saying BF3 PC is a much better game. I have a console too (PS3) but if it is done right, I always prefer PC. PC is definitely a look into the future for consoles.

CrimsonEngage3147d ago

It's called personal preference BRO. Sitting up in a chair hunched over a PC for hours on end isn't my idea of comfort. My idea of comfort is sitting on a big ass sofa with some friends (system link) on a 104" HD Projector and 7.1 surround sound.

Second, he's talking NEXT GEN. BRUH...

sllshrm3146d ago


You can do all that with a PC too...BRO

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mugoldeneagle033147d ago

is that I hate being limited to playing with 3 of my friends at a time. And with the PS3 mic problems occuring, team chat rarely works for all of us.

When I have 8-9 people on at a time there should be squad pairing so you could always stick together. If they did that and fixed the mics it would be perfect

Criminal3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

If you look back at Vietnam on BFBC2 and compare it to any "map pack", you can clearly see how DICE elevated the concept of expansions on consoles.

vortis3147d ago

Compare that to $15 for two map packs for a certain other game and the differences are staggering.

Too bad majority of gamers prefer paying more and getting less as opposed to getting more and paying less.

Mister_V3147d ago

They gotta continue with these "themed" expansions. Just being able to play in different eras/settings adds a lot of worth to these expansions.

damnyouretall3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

yeah man i really like dice's games and their commitment to quality. making the game better and not just adding maps is cool with me. we'll be getting new maps with the expansions anyways huh. cant wait for karkland

bumnut3146d ago

You usually get new maps, new factions and new weapons/vehicles.

Look how much Vietnam changed the gameplay in BFBC2, thats why expansions are better than map packs imo.

Kamikaze1353147d ago

Alien invasions would be great! Similar to the zombie modes in Call of Duty, but aliens would be a really cool mix rather than zombies. I could imagine huge spaceships landing and hoards of aliens trying to kill us with advanced weapons (nothing we can use, but their stats are the same as the guns we DO use).

SlyFoxC3147d ago

aliens are done with...we want something new!


Liquid_Ocelot3147d ago

Chocodile quote:

"Aw, hell NO!"
(Horrible quality, I know =[)

mrsatan3147d ago

DICE destroys Infinity Ward when it comes to customer support. I have always loved how Dice treats their community so great.

Jobesy3147d ago

Really, where is the squad chat fix then? You can hate on COD all you want, but in COD you can get a group of people together and chat with eachother with no problems.

Also, COD blows DICE'S games out of the water when it comes to how many maps ship with retail. I don't care if DICE'S maps are bigger either, you're still stuck with playing the same few maps over and over.

goshawker3147d ago

BF3 maps are often like five different maps in one with varying terrain and features. Not hating, mind you.

mrsatan3147d ago

I play on PC, we have never had chat problems. Also have fun paying for the same maps every COD revision. Number of Maps does not outweigh quality of maps. Making the maps for BF3 requires alot more work, so obviously they would have fewer of them. Kharg Island/Caspian Border owns the shit out of anything that COD can throw on the table.

Urbz78703147d ago

Any call of duty game that comes out is a rehash of the last one the came out.

Kewl_Kat3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

- "... issues of receding in rank after being disconnected from a game... there is no way to get what you lost back"
- No recoil glitch.
- Needs fixes for LAN issues.
- Needs tweaking with Field of View.
_____________________________ ___________________


- "Efforts to log in via either the console or even the internet are generally met with error messages."
- When signing in, usually the stats are entirely empty.
_____________________________ ___________________


- "Many gamers have experienced "disc read errors" while trying to play the Xbox 360 edition"
- "There are also reports that some players have replaced the game with a new version, but still have the disc error message whenever they try to load the game."
_____________________________ ___________________

- "A new patch has done little to correct constant lag and connection issues."
_____________________________ ___________________

- "Out of Memory 14 errors"
- "there are still a number of issues, mainly with lag, hit notification, and crashes."

Edit: in response to Jobesy

radphil3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

"Also, COD blows DICE'S games out of the water when it comes to how many maps ship with retail."

Doesn't really matter when 1/2 of those maps in CoD are just bad and clustered. It's annoying when you play on some maps that are basically similar to Shipment size, and you get hit by a bombing strike and have next to literally no where to hid from it.

ambientFLIER3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

Um, how can a map be clustered, but have no places to hide from an airstrike??? Name a single map from MW3 that's like that...

Majin-vegeta3146d ago

*Also, COD blows DICE'S games out of the water when it comes to how many maps ship with retail.

Lol you sure about that??Cuz im sure if we break all of Dices maps into the size of cod maps it's way more than 16.One Dice map is like 4-5 cod maps put together.

radphil3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )



If it's not predator missiles or bombers, it's someone in a corner killing you.

In fact I've killed people many many times just randomly placing a stealth bomber/regular bomber without the usage of UAV.

ambientFLIER3146d ago

Hardhat has a few indoor spots, though...and it's easy to get bomber kills without a UAV, just drop it on the opposite side of the green dots.

SignifiedSix3146d ago (Edited 3146d ago )

yeah, right. Caspian boarder is so big, it would fit every mw3 map in it with room to spare. one map equals 16 maps compared to cod lmao

StankyChicken3146d ago

Quality over Quantity. nuff said.

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a_bro3147d ago

now thats what im talking about... Now imagine a Battlefield 2142 expansion on BF3...

mrsatan3147d ago

Alot of people seem to really like 2142. I thought it was only "okay".

Mister_V3147d ago

We need Titan Mode back!

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