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KeiserSosay47883136d ago

Wow, looks like some good stuff in the patch. Lots of fixes. I know that the guys who run servers are gonna be happy about the minimum start change. Hopefully, I don't experience too many crashes after the patch and less stuttering...

bumnut3136d ago

I don't get any stuttering since the last patch.

bumnut3136d ago

Ive not had any stuttering or green screen since the last patch.

Xristo3136d ago

"Reduced the damage done to Armored Vehicles and Infantry from AA guns."

Good....rarely do I see them actually used for AA.

ninjahunter3136d ago

Im glad their leaving the shotguns alone, Unlike some games their actually usable. Im looking at you MW3

SJPFTW3136d ago

they are not. they are nerfing frag rounds

ninjahunter3136d ago

Seriously?! Thats agravating, in s straight up fight no matter the range an assault rifle will outperform frag rounds. Oh well, thanks for the heads up.

zeroreloaded3136d ago

wow i thought we had to wait next month or so, consoles will probably get the patch probably next few days after the 6th