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What if Skyrim, COD or Battlefield Cost $110…For The Standard Version?

Well, you may pay close to that in the near future if the greedy bastards who run Activision, THQ and Take Two get their way.

Bobby Kotick, Strauss Zelnick and Brian Farrell all spoke at the Reuters Global Media Summit earlier this week and all 3 made references to changing the way they will charge, and you will pay, for games in the future.

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Community3214d ago
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Solidus187-SCMilk3214d ago

but Id love to know what games THQ thinks they have that gamers would pay a subscription for. hahahha

lelo2play3214d ago

If games come to cost $110, i would do anything in my power to pirate them.

Sub4Dis3214d ago

games won't come to cost that much (any time soon) because people won't buy them. publishers pick their prices based on what people will pay.

if we weren't such mindless, braindead consumers, games would likely have free DLC...or still cost 50 bucks.

they'll inch their way up, but no way will games jump to 110 in the near future.

Iroquois_Pliskin3214d ago

Well in that case, i might start pirating my games.... Publishers are making it too hard to buy their games

BattleAxe3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Games are already too expensive, especially when you consider that single player campaigns are too short (BF3), alot of games are buggy and unfinished when they are released (BF3) and you don't get alot of online content (BF3), and then in order to keep the online experience fresh, you will have to spend anywhere from $25 - $60 on DLC throughout the year.

In the past year, I've already cut back on spending money on games. These days I'm willing to wait a year or two for the price of a game to come down. The price wouldn't even be so much of an issue if the games were top notch, but I've been burned twice this year with Resistance 3 and Killzone 3 for being poor quality in one case(Resistance 3) and for having barely any online content to keep the game fun for more than a couple of months (Killzone 3). I'm sick and tired of this S**T, so I haven't bought either BF3 or MW3 this fall. The only two games I've bought in the last couple months have been Uncharted 3 and Payday: The Heist, and at least those were both worth the money.

zeroreloaded3213d ago


you are such a fanboy, emphasizing bf3 like that...

Rainstorm813213d ago


Funny that you threw BF3 under the bus the say Payday the heist is worth the money... KZ3 and BF3 were much more enjoyable IMO than Payday.

But to each his own

BattleAxe3213d ago


Payday only cost $19.99, so as far as what you get for the money, I thought Payday was pretty good.

AzaziL3213d ago

$60 + $15 DLC packs, usually end up with at least a couple of em over a year; in the end, with tax, it comes out to around $100 for most top tier titles if you want to enjoy the full game....

potedude3213d ago

Move to Australia. I was in Target yesterday and the had MW3 for $110. Most other games (brand new AAA) are $98. A very cheap game is for $48.

You Americans get the best deals by far...

Bimkoblerutso3213d ago


Pirating is not the answer either. It's like trying to cure a burn with fire. If there is a cause you want to sacrifice for, just don't buy the goddamn games.

Psychotica3213d ago

By that logic you steal anything that's expensive..

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morkendo3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

What if Skyrim, COD or Battlefield Cost $110…For The Standard Version?

I think activision, THQ,take-two,EA would go broke VERY!!! fast if they try that route. people now days barely can afford a ps3 not alone 60.00 a pop game.
(just saying)

Cosmit3213d ago

If the prices of games go up AGAIN, then I'll be renting and pirating more often. Sorry "Industry" but anything more than $65 is just too much. Doesn't matter what the game is.

arnyftw3213d ago

Atleast you get games for under $65, here in Germany a normal price for a game at release is 70 euros, thats about $94.

Cosmit3212d ago

Oh damn almost a $100? I feel for ya buddy.

hellzsupernova3211d ago

games do cost that much here!!!! its bullshit! even when you convert the USD to NZD games should be around the 80 - 90 NZD mark but they release at around 110 - 149 for STANDARD CoD Black Ops was $149 at release complete rubbish!

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zeal0us3214d ago

I would of got it with gamefly/some other kind of game rental service.

I wonder how many people would of pirated a copy?

Sub4Dis3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

first of all, it's WOULD HAVE, not 'would of.'

second, if games cost that much, gamefly's monthly fee would double.

i swear i'm living in the twilight zone. when did common sense and intelligence get replaced with ignorance and stupidity?

MyNameIsNotRick3213d ago

"when did common sense and intelligence get replaced with ignorance and stupidity?"

I think it started about the same time as calling strangers names on the internet became commonplace.

JoeReno3214d ago

For a "standard version" I have a hard time spending that on a collectors edition. I have a few, but they are a select few. At that price tag it would kill the industry. Ugly greed is about to shoot its self in the foot once again.

TopDudeMan3214d ago

I wouldn't pay it for cod or battlefield, but possibly for skyrim. (Don't be getting any ideas, though, bethesda!!!)

JsonHenry3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

I would have paid that for Skyrim on ANY platform because of the overall length and re-playability of the game.

BF3 I would have paid that only on the PC format because it is simply a fantastic game but only on the PC platform. I'm not trolling, its a fun game on consoles too. But anyone that has played both can tell you that it is a completely different game on the PC. It is the way it is.

I will probably end up paying around $110 for MW3 if you count the DLC that I am gonna be forced to purchase if I want to keep playing with my younger brothers. But I don't want to. :/

Pyscho_Mantis3213d ago

you are one stupid gamer.....stop being a sheep....find the games you genuinely like not ones that everyone else does.

JsonHenry3213d ago

^^ Thank you for the kind words!