The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dragon hunting guide

GR: One of the coolest additions to the Elder Scrolls games is the inclusion of Dragons. Since these flying, death dealing tanks are both hostile and all over the place you’ll get plenty of chances to sharpen your blades on their scales. What starts out as rare encounters that occur in specific locations, these fights will eventually become entirely random. Upon arriving in a town, the roar of a dragon will rend the air and shake the buildings, and once that beast notices you the battle is on.

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admiralthrawn873145d ago

pull out bound bow for unlimited arrows and high damage, hide behind rock, kill it. one of the biggest upsets in this game. no dragon encounter is unique, even the last boss was completely easy and fail. to add to the damage just summon your atronach.

or circle strafe while healing and hack n' slashing it. they are the easiest opponents in the whole game ironically.

Rampaged Death3145d ago

I let a giant kill one for me today and the ran like hell from the giant. This game is kinda awesome :)

BuT_TeR3145d ago

They spoiled the ending of the main quest...

Horny Melon3145d ago

How to hunt dragons.......get it to land and then get in up close between a rear leg and tail. It's kicks will miss and so will its tail slaps.