Gamestop/ EB Games Canada Daily Door Crashers December 2011

Trendy Gamers: Gamestop/ EB Games Canada seems to love doing these Daily Door Crashers because they’ve been doing them for the last few years. We weren’t going to even create a page for these but they are actually somewhat good this year.

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SuperStrokey11233135d ago

Lets steal more redflagdeal posts and make then news!

TrendyGamers3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

I got this info straight from EB Games. It would make sense if it was on Red Flag Deals though.

SuperStrokey11233134d ago

no i was serious, lets take stories like this a spread them.

TrendyGamers3134d ago

Oh, ok. Only the good deals though!

SuperStrokey11233134d ago

agreed, we gotta spread the savings around!