RPS - Anno 2070 Review

RPS - The Anno games exhibit a formula that is unusual without ever being weird. That is to say they are uncommon within the general landscape of games, but nonetheless unexotic as experiences. Essentially they are about building towns and reaping resources, with a hint of high-seas naval activity. The limits to this are what makes the challenge of them interesting.

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Darkfocus3134d ago

RPS doesn't do reviews they do Wot I thinks ಠ_ಠ

mrsatan3134d ago

Too bad the Anno developers ruined the game by removing LAN mode. I fail to see how if the game De-Syncs in large matches on LAN, that you will even be able to play for longer than 10 minutes without a De-Sync on the internet. Ubisoft tore the bleeding heart out of this game.