Five Signs That Batman's a Manic Depressive


"Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Two of the best-selling games over the last few years, starring the world’s greatest detective, trained to the absolute limits of physical human perfection. Harrrr.

"But both games also have us worrying for the Dark Knight. We’ve suffered from mania (it’s no fun kids, trust us), and we can see the signs. There are ticks that Batman displays which developers Rocksteady may have included to show the ‘more vulnerable side’ of Bruce Wayne behind the mask. Not so – instead they confirm to us that Bruce is bipolar, popping pills and that poor old Alfred must be having an absolute whale of a time looking after him…"

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mafiahajeri2879d ago

Weird article dont know if hes trying to be funny if he is hes failing...

NotAGF2878d ago

No, I was trying to compare my own miserable experiences of depression with Batman's. Because Batman has it - of that there is no doubt.

Chuk52879d ago

Must resist jimi hendrix reference.