Conquer Online: Invasion of Pirates Expansion Coming Soon

Conquer Online is a Free to Play MMORPG that has seen great success over the past eight years. Soon players can enjoy a new adventure, Invasion of Pirates Expansion Pack sees a new area of land where hidden treasures lay buried. Will you fight for treasure or defend against the pirate attack?

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jdfoster3139d ago

Great game have been playing it for the last 6-7 years now! But each new expansion update just feels not needed... Like the mounts... Just another thing to try and make you buy tq points. (Not that I need any :P)

For new comers I warn you about making friends easy on conquer. Do NOT trust anyone! They will hack within the second they get a chance! (Trust me!!!) Also be wary of hacking all together conquer has alot of hackers/spammers on it! (I admit I may have used a bot in the past for levelling purposes but Aimbot, fast jump etc are just horrid and ruins the game! (Ohhh the might elitevppers!)