Final Fantasy Type-0 "A hell of a game" - PSLS review

"Helped in part by Rieko Mikoshiba, Takeharu Ishimoto makes a return to the composer spot, and like he did with Crisis Core, he knocks the soundtrack right out of the park. It’s almost too good. If I were Johnny Depp and this were Once Upon a Time in Mexico, I would shoot a composer for making something this great." -PSLS

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dendenmooshi3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Indeed. It looks reminiscent of Crisis Core. Ominous for an impending tragedy. With 14 protagonist, at least 4 seem fated to die. ;D

Nonetheless, Square Enix has shown to have a good idea of how to make Action RPGs. I doubt this game will be an exception.

Lifewish3141d ago

Good to see it delivers, cannot wait to play.

zerocrossing3141d ago

This is a must buy for me, love the soundtrack and the game looks awesome!

JonnyBigBoss3141d ago

Does SE really not remember how to make RPGs with exploration and diversity anymore?

knifefight3141d ago

Yeah, good as the other aspects are, this will be yet another divisive title for sure.

Ddouble3141d ago

Don't forget this game is limited by the PSP. It already has 2 UMD's and i'm guessing that the part with the major exploration at the end is on the 2nd UMD.

Type-1 is already a work in progress for the Vita hopefully so expect something better.

dendenmooshi3140d ago

If it's a good game, it won't matter.

rezzah3141d ago

Story looks like it's going to be dark, since it deals with war.

Can't wait to play this.

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