The 10 most memorable characters in the Zelda series

Den of Geek: "To celebrate the release of Skyward Sword, we delve into the Zelda series to bring you 10 of its most memorable characters.

Celebrating its quarter-century this year, the Zelda series remains the jewel in Nintendo’s videogame crown. Over its 25-year history, and across 18 games, the series has gradually built up a rich, detailed universe replete with engaging characters. And while the games have constantly reinvented themselves over time, both visually and in the way they’re played, it’s the residents of Hyrule that continue to make the series so reliably engaging.

With this in mind, here’s a selection of ten truly memorable characters from the Legend Of Zelda series – and if you’re wondering where Link is, he got a little article all of his own."

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