GTA 5: Why It’s Already The Best Game Ever Made

Rockstar's GTA 5 is all set to be a new benchmark in videogames entertainment, according to NowGamer's Nick Jones.

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fastrez3617d ago

Interesting, although is it too early to tell from a reveal trailer? Not sure really :/

leahcim3617d ago

there is no way that GTA 5 could beat

super mario bros 3 nes & Final Fantasy VII

no way

(both best games ever created)


SnakeCQC3617d ago

saints row gets gta better than gta

Janitor3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

I thought that too until I bought "The Third". Serious step backwards in the series. SR 2 was so much better, the city in 3 is so dull and lifeless, and they removed so many activities, not to mention the game doesn't even have a dynamic day/night cycle.

FFXI1013617d ago

I agree, I like the story in SR 2 better. We could pretty mcuh enter every building or store. We could rob them at gun point or going to back door and steal the money from the safe...etc.

SR3 is still fun to play, but my favorite is the SR2.

Tanir3617d ago

my first saints game is 3 and i love it a million times more than boring gta. Gta isnt about being fun anymore, its about trying to be good and failing hard at it.

come on they removed tanks~!

san andreas was the best GTA besides Gta 2 imo.

gta 4 was just.....90 degree turns at every street, never let you drive that fast at all, the cop chases were dull, shooting mechanics are BALLS aswell as the melee combat.

saints does everything so much better and i dont even like sandbox games yet SR 3 is the exception

I_am_Batman3617d ago

Oh come on. It's the best game ever cause it's "about something". You gotta be kidding me. It will be another upgraded version of GTA3 like all the GTA games that came out in the past ten years were. I won't buy that shit anymore but I know millions of gamers will. That's why there will be sequels to such games and there won't be sequels for the creative indie games you probably never heard of.

AtomicGerbil3617d ago

I think I need some toilet paper for my eyes after reading that load of crap, don't get me wrong, I'm hoping for GTA to be great because I'll be buying it anyway, but that article was just utter nonsense. It's going to be great because it's not a fantasy adventure, what?

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