The Retro Corner: Christmas Special

"Not all of the games are specifically based around the idea of Christmas, but they all include Festive features or stages and when look back at these titles they give us that warm, fuzzy feeling you only get at Christmas."

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robbttf3146d ago

It would be interesting to see what are the games that everyone else associates with Christmas most, or games they played a lot over Christmas in years gone by.

CyberGrim3145d ago

I associate Trivial Pursuit on the SEGA Master System 2 with Christmas, it's about the only time of year that that game came out.

Antholex3145d ago

I think there should be a remake of Home Alone for next Christmas.

robbttf3145d ago

The film or the game? :)

It would be sacrilage to re-make the film...

Antholex3145d ago

The game, I wouldn't dream of remaking that film. God help anyone who tries to even dare remake the first Home Alone film.