The Legend of Zelda Series Needs to be Fixed

It might not be broken, but this classic franchise is overdue for an update.

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Lord_Sloth3146d ago

Naaaah. Leave it be. When I get my team together, we'll kill the franchise with an amazing dungeon crawler. Promise!

StraightPath3146d ago

Skyward Sword says otherwise. Your article just became redundent.

wollie3146d ago

I agree with this article, zelda has gotten boring for me.

Skyward sword feels like a gamecube game with fantastic motion controls. It just doesnt cut it anymore.

mshope103146d ago

has anybody even played zelda before skyward sword?skyward sword does so much new stuff besides the motion controls its crazy people keep saying this stuff!i have played and beat ever zelda game released in the us besides the cd-i games and skyward brings alot of new while keeping some zelda stuff so that it is a zelda game!!!

so stop pretending skyward sword is just like ever zelda before it!

ChickeyCantor3146d ago

You don't talk about it, you don't mention it and you should not acknowledge it.

Do not ever mention it again...EVER.

sirdrake3146d ago

And the minute they "update" it people will whine that they shouldn't have touched a classic blah blah blah.

Look at Final Fantasies, they changed things up and people say the games "sucked" but if they kept it the same people would say "they need innovation!"

Blech, internet journalism is retarded sometimes.

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