Sony Giving Out TVs, Tablets and PS3s in European PlayStation Promotion

It’s December, and that means that it’s the season to be jolly – right up until you see your Christmas bank statement. To make your life a little easier, Sony has unveiled a daily giveaway that includes games, PS3s, tablets and TVs.

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Sev3137d ago

Haha. Will this be the end of Europeans complaining that they never get anything, but US and Japan always do? Not on your life. :)

doctorstrange3137d ago

I love complaining, haha. But if I win me that TV, I'll be happy.

blackmamba7073137d ago

bubbles and kudos for Sony!

decimalator3137d ago

Boo, Europe always get everything... ;-)

360ICE3137d ago

Damn Europe, where it rains tablets and gaming consoles grow on trees.

fluffydelusions3137d ago

They also get way better deals on mobile phones as well.

stormeagle63137d ago

This upsets me more than anything else.

negroguy3137d ago

omg the 22nd is a white PS3. Luckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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