Fils-Aime: Wii Hardware Profitable at Launch

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says Wii hardware will be profitable from the start.

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God of Gaming5862d ago

Thats because your using 4 year old tech in the box....

The great Me5862d ago

For Nintendo yes, but to the customer it really just means that the wii is by far the worst deal of the next gen consoles. It may be "worth it" but you are getting less hardware for your dollar for sure.

Shadow Flare5862d ago

if the nunchuk was designed as a periferal for the gamecube, then that in effect is a wii. The consoles cheap no doubt, but when you look at what the console actually is, then its worth alot less. Thats why they'll make a profit from the start. Because they're selling you a gamecube for $250

But thats only hardware speaking. The console as a whole is prob worth $250. Any cheaper and people will think its crap and price drops would be difficult. I think nintendo were very smart when they designed the wii

kmis875862d ago

It makes perfect sense what he says here though. Microsoft and Sony make most of their profits in other places. If they were a company like Nintendo that is only in the videogame business then they wouldn't be able to sell them at a loss either.