GTA 5: Maps Revealed?

Allegedly map images for GTA 5 leaked by an insider showing a map of Los Santos and the surrounding area.

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Grip3136d ago

old and fake we already know that..

SuperNerd3135d ago

yea ive seen this before . like a really long time ago

FAGOL3136d ago

Isn't the last two the actual san andreas maps? And why is the 3rd one completely different from the top 2.

Looks pretty fake anyway.

Zichu3136d ago

The third map is GTA IV...
The last two images are GTA San Andreas...

The first two could be possible, I haven't seem them before.

sonicsidewinder3136d ago


Did YOU find this?!

U R So Cool.


Avernus3135d ago

Yet it got approved...

SuperNerd3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Thats N4G dude

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