Forza 4 [TPV] Review

TPV's Adam :"Forza packs in an incredible amount of realism with it’s photo-realistic views and close-ups of the car’s various features. The level of “real-world” mechanics, upgrades and handling is also another big step in the racing genre. What Forza also does right is the car’s handling. I’m really impressed with how shitty a Toyota Aygo can get up to speed (just like in real life), and was also equally impressed with the speed and handling of the Bugatti."

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Me-Time3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


"...I’m really impressed with how shitty a Toyota Aygo can get up to speed (just like in real life..."

In GT5, we call those cars, everyday drivers. We drive those "shitty" cars because they're fun.

death2smoochie3138d ago

Why bring GT5 into this? I thought this was a Forza thread....oh wait...N4G.COM....

Gam3rSinceBiRTH3138d ago

These fanboys just prove the excellence of Forza 4 with these kind of rants. It brings out their anger in them. In essence, they really are saying Forza 4 is the better game which is why they always try to pin point a single sentence and find something to compare it with GT5. It's like they're trying to prove themselves.

I don't know why people just can't let it go. It has already been discussed and argued to death. If you prefer Gt5, than more power to you but critics and real gamers agree, that Forza 4 is overall the better game.

BuffMordecai3137d ago

"Real gamers"

Hicken3137d ago

Yeah, okay, Gam3r. So no critics liked GT5 better, and any gamer who does isn't a real gamer.

I could point out a dozen or more advantages GT has over Forza, but I can also point out a few advantages Forza has over GT, because I've actually played both games. I've got my preference, but I at least have experience behind the wheel of both rides.

What do you have? Blind loyalty?

Hicken3138d ago

I'm just gonna say this review was... lacking. I won't bring up what I find lacking and risk losing a bubble like I did when Forza first came out.

And yes, it actually IS fun to race cars that you drive on a regular basis, in a competitive setting.

evilunklebud3138d ago

GT5 is kind of dull compared to Forza 4,

mcstorm3138d ago

I cant get enough of this game been my game of the yrar got rage bf3 mario 3ds kinect sports. 2 and gears 3 after forza 4 amd still keep going back to it.