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Cosmit3140d ago

Too bad the VIOP and Input Lag won't be fixed by then :/

Majin-vegeta3140d ago

I keep hearing about this input lag but i have no idea what it is??

Szarky3140d ago

Chat has been broken for 5 weeks. To make it worse it'll probably be sometime in 2012 before we get another patch because DICE is so slow.

Not just chat but squads still splitting up? Come one DICE. Basic stuff.

Echo3073140d ago


It's not nearly as bad as some people are making it out to be. It affects everyone but for those 'CoD-esque players' that rely more on twitch reflexes than sound positioning, it hurts them a little more.

Input lag means it takes a few extra milliseconds for the command you give via the controller to move your character on the screen.

MariaHelFutura3140d ago

What exactly are the problems w/ the mics? Cause I have any problems....and I play every night w/ my mic.

Spitfire_Riggz3140d ago

I honestly thought the guns just had extra weight to them, Killzone style. Once I got used to it (like every game) I forgot about it.

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Cosmit3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Woops IGNORE. Douple Post! O_o. Damn it.

Cosmit3140d ago

I agree with Echo. I'm a both CoD and BF player. I spend time on both games equally. But I hate the transition from CoD to BF. Everything just feels completely different when it comes down to aiming. Its much more smoother on CoD. I'm not a bad BF player when it comes to getting kills. I almost have a 3.0 K/D on BF(50+hours) and around 2.40(Around 35 hours) on CoD.

I don't think the input lag means you need to have more skill when it comes down to aiming. It just feels off and unnecessary. I get frustrated by it every now and then. But if that's the style well then I'll just put up with it and accept it.

I want to hear a comment from DICE about it. Wether its because of the 30 FPS, that's how they want it to be, or if there looking to fix it. So I can stop hoping for it to change. But yeah it will hurt those CoD players more and it will be definitely more noticeable to them. It is to me and I don't like it honestly. Even though I know there both different games. Just my opinion though.

DarkBlade46583140d ago

Yes!!!! Best news i've heard all day!

brbobcat3140d ago

So do xbox and pc get it on the 13th?

Focus3140d ago

Truly a shame that EA insist on ignoring the biggest BF3 fanbase by excluding them, albeit for only one week

lifesanrpg3140d ago

Then again, they did completely screw over the PS3 fanbase by promising them a free game and not delivering.

Motorola3140d ago

It's all about the money to the publishers. Well on the greedy ones.

PirateThom3140d ago

Actually, lifesanrpg, you can now download the game. Go on to some website and get a code.

theflyindutchman3140d ago

i think it has something to do with the fact that microsoft has his head up activisions bum ( cod )

Echo3073140d ago


Microsoft and Activision no longer have any exclusive agreements. That ended with Black Ops.

lorianguy3140d ago

A shame that any company does this. Times DLC hurts no-one but the consumer and personally, I've had quite enough of Xbox players bragging about their early CoD DLC rights wherever they can.

Please end times DLC! It truly sucks!

MariaHelFutura3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

@ Focus

Timed DLC is evil. Doesnt matter what system gets it first. So as much as a prick as you can be, I wish you had it on the 6th aswell.


radphil3140d ago

"Then again, they did completely screw over the PS3 fanbase by promising them a free game and not delivering."

Actually they are delivering NOW. Check on their website. On the 10th PS3 users that got the LE are getting BF1943.

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disturbing_flame3140d ago

Actually the game has really done great on PS3.

It even looks like that Battlefield can compete with Call of Duty on PS3.

Ea is doing a great job to make its licence get supported by Playstation players, it's pretty smart because the version of Battlefield runs very smoothly on PS3 (even if it have some com pbs) and it gets more polished than what Activision is doing with COD on PS3.

I think EA is making a great move on that, they have done great with the two hardwares (even the version PC is above), they are now really aggressive on the FPS scene.

Next Battlefield will be greatly supported by PS3 users, it looks like this ecosystem is now more and more attracted by this licence.

theflyindutchman3140d ago

aaahhhh yeaaaahhhh!
can't wait!!
guns and maps look sexy as f*ck!

Szarky3140d ago

Sweet new maps to play oh but wait... chat still sucks for more than 2 people on PS3. I'm conference calling buddies as a work around how shitty is that? Squads still splitting up. Apparently enemy mines/claymores now show up on your mini-map. Wow, DICE... come on.

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