Opinion: Vita Memory Cards Too Expensive?

Apparently you need to buy a memory card for the PS Vita

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MultiConsoleGamer3144d ago

DLC. I'm sure you've heard about Ridge Racer and its 3 cars and 5 tracks.

DLC. The memory cards are not just for game saves.

BuffMordecai3144d ago

I'm not buying that game if they pull that kind of crap.

dark-hollow3144d ago

Great! DLC milking will infect handhelds too -_-

rezzah3144d ago

Just stick to the main game and you should be fine.

Only those most exceptional games that your treasure above all should be allowed to have their DLC be bought.

Just don't have too much of those.

hkgamer3144d ago

The game cards can also be used for DLC, not just the memory cards. Well I think it depends on the developer and the size of the game.

Dark3603144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

The prices for these memory cards are ridiculous...

4 Gigs - $39.99 - Fail

32 Gigs - $119.99 - Fail

PhunnyJesta3144d ago

you fail for not understanding classes of flash memory cards. You do realize that there are very high speed flash cards that sell for 600+ because of their very high speed class? more then likely the games need high speed to run. Look at newegg high speed flash prices

farhad2k83143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

You guys do know that, thats a conversion of yen to dollar? The prices aren't official yet, Sony SCEE/SCEA haven't mentioned a WORD on memory cards yet.

I guarantee you one thing, 4GB will not be staying at that price. Sony aren't that stupid to price the 4GB so high.

I'm just wondering if you atleast get a 2GB card in the box, many smart-phones do that these days.

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GribbleGrunger3144d ago

just found out or just wanting to remind everyone prior to the launch?

Ulf3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

Lol... wut?

These prices are basically identical to stock retail prices for high-performance SD HC cards of the same sizes. Expecting Sony to price them *cheaper* than high-performance SD HC is ridiculous, since that's probably what they are, on the inside.

The retailers will discount them (just like they do for SD HC cards...), etc.

DonaldBeck3144d ago

if the games are 40 bucks in in

videoxgamexfanboy3144d ago

They are waaaaaaaayyyy to high.

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