CoD5, Guitar Hero 4 and new Tony Hawk's "in pipeline"

Activision has officially revealed that Call of Duty 5, Guitar Hero 4 and a new Tony Hawk's game are in "the pipeline".

Tucked away in a fact sheet explaining the mega-merger between Activision and Vivendi is the little nugget revealing that sequels to three of 2007's biggest games are in the works.

The fact sheet details already semi-confirmed news that it is developing "new DreamWorks titles, new Marvel titles and entry into racing with Bizarre", the development studio responsible for the Project Gotham Racing series.

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gamesblow6044d ago (Edited 6044d ago )

COD5??? COD4 just came out!! I'm sick of seeing these games get rehash after rehash too... Tony Hawk needs to be drastically different when it hits. Better looking and different. All I gotta say.

Also, in this day and age... with Ps3 and xbox 360 being online and downloadable content being a hit. We should never be subjected to anual games anymore! I'm sick of paying full price for these anual games. They should release 20 dollar add ons every year for the following games

Guitar hero

etc.. etc... etc...

Nothing changes about them but the content. the graphics, animations and tones all stay the same with minor tweaks. We shouldn't have to pay 60 bucks for these. Sorry

mighty_douche6044d ago (Edited 6044d ago )

games are cheaper now than they ever were, and their development costs are now huge, so as gamers we're actually getting a better deal than ever before. my parents paid £75 for street fighter turbo on the snes!

anyway, with regards to CoD5, im chuffed, 4 was without doubt the finest FPS of 2007, pi55ing all over the cheifs fireworks and i cant wait to see what they can do in their next game, possible "future" warfar?

Polluted6044d ago

Right on Mighty_douche. People seem to forget that games are actually cheaper these days. My parents bought me Toejam & Earl for the Genesis back in the day...for $113.00!! I still remember the exact price to this day because it was so bloody ridiculous. The worst part is that game probably cost around...oh...say $50000 to make. Used games were harder to find back then too.

Anego Montoya FTMFW6044d ago

i bought Super Mario 3 for $110.

and you could finish that game in a few hours.

it`s funny how people complain about a games length (HS,Uncharted,Cod4,SOTC)

SOTC is one of the best games i`ve played in years, and you can finish that game in a few hours.

A good game is a good game regardless of price or length.

Omegasyde6043d ago

Activision/Blizzard might turn into the next Electronic Arts, with its poor quality testing and rushed development jobs. You guys are right about game pricing, but you also have to figure out what the actualy industry standard is now a days. This standard isn't a "Rule" but is expected from nearly every consumer of that fan base... For instance:

A Role Playing game is hypothetically suppose to be atleast 40 hours long

A first person shooter is suppose to have a multiplayer mode

A fighting game is suppose to have the ability to dodge in 3d

A racing game is suppose to have over 20 cars with customization and online racing.

_____________________________ __________________
Sure Toe Jam and Earl was great but that game was reaching the standards back then. Development prices did go up but so did console prices along with monumental price cuts on new technology. This new technology and "media outlets" (internet) should be utilized and 1 year rehashed versions of games shouldn't be. Every next gen console has a internet features! So why don't company utilize DLC updates every quarter like games like World of Warcraft is doing. That game is like over 4 years old and still making bank.

LeonSKennedy4Life6043d ago

My dear friend. How are you?

I agree though.

Also, games are a LOT longer than movies...so, don't complain. People can watch the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story EVERY YEAR and not get bored with it! That's a 2-hour movie!!! That's like playing COD4 through 12 times in a row!!!


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HeartlesskizZ6044d ago

wow that is it!!!! COD4 is officially my first and last COD ill own.

Relcom6044d ago

I sure hope you don't mean it sucks cause if you do, no one should ever take gamin advice from you.

TheExecutive6044d ago

COD:4 is one of the finest fps I have ever played. If you dont like fps's thats one thing, but you have to admit for the genre its at the top of the pile.

HeartlesskizZ6043d ago

dont put words where they aren't any. I never said it sucks or anything but if the game is going to have sequels every year then is a lose for me and a win for them $$$$ in the mid time ill keep playing it online(PRESTIGE now)

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PumPum6044d ago

I sure hope CoD5 has x2 longer SP campaign!

TheExecutive6044d ago

It will probably have a longer campaign. Remember that they were starting from 'scratch' with COD:4. So it may have a larger campaign. However, I must say that I have a hard time thinking of too many SP experiences that I enjoyed more.

Noodlecup6044d ago

Why? CoD4's singleplayer was boring enough, a few hours of singleplayer & the multiplayer went together nicely. CoD5 is going to be developed by the team that did CoD3 (the worst cod game so far) so dont count on it being good.

psychotic_duck6044d ago

"CoD5 is going to be developed by the team that did CoD3"

How do you know that?

mesh16044d ago

cause real gamers know it wont be dev by infinty wards as cod series is shared by 2 devs so they can make gams eveyr year the next game wil lbe made by the makers of cod3 = i wont buy it

Captain Tuttle6044d ago

I just hope they're not true. They almost killed the franchise for me with that buggy POS called COD3.

mighty_douche6044d ago

instead of making things up and claiming them as fact. it would be stupid to pass CoD off to another developer after #4's success. eitherway i aint gonna get my knickers in a twist till i hear it from the horse's mouth.

SabreMan6044d ago (Edited 6044d ago )

since when has this been announced ??

the only reason Infinity Ward leased out the cod franchise to Treyach was because Cod3 was console only and Infinity Ward started work on Cod4 straight after Cod2

i think people are presuming to much, it's obvious Cod5 is going to get released but it won't be next year, lets just wait for some official news shall we instead of making stuff up

i seriously doubt Infinity Ward will let another developer get there hands on the Cod franchise again, Cod3 was good but not great like the rest in the series are

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