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"Enter the Razer Onza; the latest in the well-rounded peripheral line up from the Razer. Over the years, Razer focused on creating quality PC-gaming assecories but decided to throw their hat into the console gaming arena with this tournament controller."

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bodybombs3137d ago

i love this controller. like the article said, the triggers took a bit to get used to at first but after playing with it for about a day i got pretty used to it.

ive tried different combinations with the programmable bumpers but i usually just leave them at stock. the fact that i have the option is a nice plus though.

honestly the adjustable thumbsticks are worth the 50 buck price tag in itself in my opinion.

Hufandpuf3137d ago

It's worth the price and Better than the stock controller in many ways. The only con though are the cheap rubber that covers the sticks. It rubs off after intensive sessions, so I just peeled it all off and the sticks still work great.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH3137d ago

Hmmmm, might have to give this a try. Would love an extra button for abilities in Halo Reach.